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Ships in the Library

AndromedanADefSat(PH2)Defense Satellite PH-2
AndromedanADefSat(TRL)Defense Satellite TRL
AndromedanAGB2Ground Based Phaser-2
AndromedanAGBTGround Based Heavy TR
AndromedanAGMGSmall Ground Military Garrison
AndromedanAGMSSmall Ground Mining Station
AndromedanAGPSSmall Ground Power Station
AndromedanAGSASmall Ground Agro Station
AndromedanAGSOSmall Ground Scientific Outpost
AndromedanAGWSSmall Ground Warning Station
AndromedanANAAnaconda Heavy Scout
AndromedanASPASP Mauler Frigate
AndromedanBACConstruction Battle Station
AndromedanBATSBattle Station
AndromedanBSBase Station
AndromedanBULBull Snake Cargo Ship
AndromedanCBRReconnaissance Cobra
AndromedanCCRConcretor Monitor
AndromedanCOBCobra Destroyer
AndromedanCOQConquistador Light Cruiser
AndromedanCOUCourier Scout
AndromedanCQRConqueror New Heavy Cruiser
AndromedanCSCargo Sled
AndromedanCSUCargo Support Unit
AndromedanDEVDevastator Battleship
AndromedanDIADiamondback Commando Destroyer
AndromedanDICDictator Dreadnought
AndromedanDMLDemolisher Dreadnought
AndromedanDMNDemon Dreadnought
AndromedanDMXDominatrix Heavy Dreadnought
AndromedanDOMDominator Dreadnought
AndromedanDONDominion Transport Dreadnought
AndromedanDSCDestructor Mauler
AndromedanEELEel Scout
AndromedanELMEliminator Mauler
AndromedanEM-LLarge Energy Module
AndromedanEM-MMedium Energy Module
AndromedanEM-SSmall Energy Module
AndromedanESUSmall Energy Support Unit
AndromedanEXPExploiter Combat Ship
AndromedanGBCBattlecruiser (Captured Gorn Ship)
AndromedanGPBMobile Weapon Platform Base
AndromedanGUNGUN Sled
AndromedanIMBImmobilator Monitor
AndromedanIMPImposer Battlecruiser
AndromedanINFInfestor Cruiser
AndromedanINSInstigator Heavy Cruiser
AndromedanINTIntruder Cruiser
AndromedanJUG_DNDreadnought (Captured from the Juggernaut)
AndromedanKINKing Snake Cargo Ship
AndromedanLCAHeavy Cruiser (Captured Lyran Ship)
AndromedanMAMMamba Heavy Destroyer
AndromedanMCPMobile cargo Platform
AndromedanMEPMobile EW Support Platform
AndromedanMGPMobile Ground Assault Platform
AndromedanMISMissionary Transport
AndromedanMLSMine Laying Sled
AndromedanMMPMobile Mine Platform
AndromedanMOSMobile Operations Sled
AndromedanMTPMobile Recovery Platform
AndromedanMWPMobile Weapons Platform
AndromedanOGSOre Gathering Sled
AndromedanPCBPlanetary Control Base
AndromedanP-CMMedium Cargo Pod
AndromedanP-CSSmall Cargo Pod
AndromedanPFFast Patrol Ship
AndromedanPFCCargo PF
AndromedanPFGGround Assault PF
AndromedanPFLPF Leader
AndromedanPFMMine Warfare PF
AndromedanPFSPF Scout
AndromedanPHBMobile Weapons Platform Hangar Module
AndromedanPYTPython Satellite Ship
AndromedanQNSQueen Snake Cargo Ship
AndromedanRATRattler Commando Frigate
AndromedanRAVRavager Light Cruiser
AndromedanRSRepair Sled
AndromedanSATSatellite Base
AndromedanSBDesecrator Starbase
AndromedanSHVShiva Mauler
AndromedanTERTerminator Mauler
AndromedanVIPViper Frigate
FederationACSArea Control Ship
FederationADWLight Attack Carrier
FederationASCAuxiliary Space Control Ship
FederationBBVBattleship Carrier
FederationBCFBismarck Class Battlecruiser
FederationBCGKirov Class Battlecruiser
FederationBCJNew Jersey Class Battlecruiser
FederationBCPBattle Control Ship (with PFs)
FederationBCP2Phaser-Armed Battlecruiser
FederationBCSBattle Control Ship
FederationBCVBattle Carrier
FederationBTBattle Tug
FederationBTLLight Battle Tug
FederationBTVBattle Carrier Tug
FederationCAHeavy Cruiser
FederationCACClose Assault (New) Light Cruiser
FederationCADHeavy Drone Cruiser
FederationCAMHeavy Mauler Cruiser
FederationCAQTri-Engine Cruiser
FederationCAVHeavy Fighter Carrier
FederationCAXPHeavy Cruiser (Partial X-Refit)
FederationCBHeavy Command Cruiser
FederationCCCommand Cruiser
FederationCCTTurret Cruiser
FederationCDWCommando War Destroyer
FederationCFFast Cruiser
FederationCFFCommando Frigate
FederationCFSFast Fleet Scout
FederationCHAHydranized Heavy Cruiser
FederationCL(Old) Light Cruiser
FederationCLCLight Command Cruiser
FederationCLD(Old) Light Drone Cruiser
FederationCLHHospital Ship
FederationCLSLight Survey Cruiser (and CVE)
FederationCLVMedium Carrier
FederationCMMedium Cruiser
FederationCMCCommando Cruiser
FederationCORPolice Corvette
FederationCOVCommando Carrier
FederationCSStrike Cruiser
FederationCSVScout Carrier (3rd Gen)
FederationCSXAdvanced Strike Cruiser
FederationCVAHeavy Carrier
FederationCVA(O)Flatbed Heavy Carrier
FederationCVDInterdiction Carrier
FederationCVFFast Carrier
FederationCVHStrike Carrier
FederationCVNHeavy Carrier
FederationCVPPatrol Carrier (3rd Gen)
FederationCVSStrike Carrier (and CVB)
FederationCVTCarrier Tug
FederationCXAdvanced Cruiser
FederationDCLDouble Light Cruiser
FederationDCSDivision Control Ship
FederationDCZCommando War Destroyer (Alternate Weapons "Z")
FederationDD(M)Middle Years Destroyer
FederationDDFFast Destroyer
FederationDDGGuided Weapons Destroyer
FederationDDLDestroyer Leader
FederationDDQDual-Engine Destroyer
FederationDDVDestroyer Light Escort Carrier
FederationDDXAdvanced Destroyer
FederationDEDestroyer Escort (and DEA)
FederationDERDestroyer Escort-R (and DAR)
FederationDGXAdvanced Destroyer
FederationDHDDeckhouse Destroyer
FederationDHTDeckhouse Destroyer Transport
FederationDHVDeckhouse Destroyer Light Carrier
FederationDHWHydranized War Destroyer
FederationDLMLight Modular Dreadnought
FederationDLXLight X-Dreadnought
FederationDMZWar Minesweeper (Alternate Weapons "Z")
FederationDN+Improved Dreadnought
FederationDNFPlasma Dreadnought
FederationDNGNew Dreadnought
FederationDNHHeavy Dreadnought
FederationDNLLight Dreadnought
FederationDNMMedium Dreadnought
FederationDNPDiplomatic Dreadnought
FederationDNQQuad-Engine Dreadnought
FederationDNWNew Dreadnought
FederationDVADreadnought Heavy Carrier
FederationDVLLight Dreadnought Carrier
FederationDWWar Destroyer
FederationDWAWar Destroyer Escort
FederationDWCWar Command Destroyer
FederationDWDWar Drone Destroyer
FederationDWMWar Minesweeper
FederationDWRWar Destroyer Escort-R
FederationDWSWar Destroyer Scout
FederationDWTWar Priority Transport
FederationDWVMobile Carrier
FederationDWXAdvanced War Destroyer
FederationDWZWar Destroyer (Alternate Weapons "Z")
FederationECLEscort Cruiser (and ACL)
FederationFBCFast Battlecruiser
FederationFBDBattle Drone Frigate
FederationFBEBattle Frigate Escort
FederationFBSBattle Frigate Scout
FederationFBTPriority Battle Transport
FederationFBVBattle Frigate Carrier
FederationFCFHeavy Carrier Resupply Ship
FederationFCRFast Carrier Resupply Frigate
FederationFEMEmergency Management Destroyer
FederationFFBBattle Frigate
FederationFFDDrone Frigate
FederationFFEEscort Frigate (and FFA)
FederationFFGImproved Frigate
FederationFFLPlasma Frigate
FederationFFMMine Frigate
FederationFFPVIP Transport
FederationFFREscort Frigate-R (and FRA)
FederationFFSScout Frigate
FederationFFTPriority Transport Frigate
FederationFFVEscort Carrier
FederationFFXAdvanced Frigate
FederationFHGHydranized Frigate
FederationFLGPolice Flagship
FederationFXEFederation Express Escort
FederationGBPTGround Based Photon
FederationGCANational Guard Heavy Cruiser
FederationGDDNational Guard Destroyer
FederationGDENational Guard Destroyer Escort
FederationGFCPlanetary Control Base
FederationGFFNational Guard Frigate
FederationG-FFGunfighter Frigate
FederationGSCGalactic Survey Cruiser (and CVL)
FederationGSRNational Guard Survey Cruiser
FederationGSXAdvanced Galactic Survey Cruiser
FederationGVHNational Guard F-111 Carrier
FederationGVMNational Guard Medium Carrier
FederationGVXAdvanced Medium Carrier
FederationHDCHeavy Destroyer Commando Transport
FederationHDDHeavy Destroyer
FederationHDMHeavy Destroyer Minesweeper
FederationHDTHeavy Destroyer Transport
FederationHDVHeavy Destroyer Carrier
FederationHDWHeavy War Destroyer
FederationHDWXAdvanced Heavy War Destroyer
FederationHVXAdvanced Heavy Fighter Carrier
FederationINTMustang Interceptor
FederationINT-EMustang Scout Interceptor
FederationINT-FMustang FI-CON Interceptor
FederationIPLImproved Police Cutter
FederationJUG_DNDreadnought (Captured from the Juggernaut)
FederationLAHLarge Heavy Auxiliary Carrier
FederationLBTLight Battle Transport (3rd Gen)
FederationLCSFederation LCS
FederationLMNFederation LMN
FederationL-QLarge Q-Ship
FederationLTTLight Tactical Transport
FederationLTVLight Transport Carrier (3rd Gen)
FederationLTZLight Tactical Transport (Alternate Weapons "Z")
FederationMCL(New) Mauler Cruiser (3rd Gen)
FederationNACNew Aegis Cruiser (3rd Gen)
FederationNAENew Heavy Escort Cruiser (3rd Gen)
FederationNALNew Plasma Cruiser (3rd Gen)
FederationNASXAdvanced New Heavy Scout Cruiser (3rd Gen)
FederationNAXAdvanced New Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
FederationNCANew Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
FederationNCCNew Heavy Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
FederationNCDNew Drone Cruiser (3rd Gen)
FederationNCFNew Fast Cruiser
FederationNCL(New) Light Cruiser (3rd Gen)
FederationNCTNew Commando Transport (3rd Gen)
FederationNCVNew Attack Carrier (3rd Gen)
FederationNCZNew Commando Transport (Alternate Weapons "Z")
FederationNDCNew Heavy Drone Cruiser (3rd Gen)
FederationNDSNew Division Control Ship (3rd Gen)
FederationNECNew Escort Cruiser (and NEA) (3rd Gen)
FederationNERNew Escort Cruiser-R (3rd Gen)
FederationNHANew Heavy Fighter Carrier (3rd Gen)
FederationNHLHydranized (New) Light Cruiser
FederationNHSNew Heavy Scout Cruiser (3rd Gen)
FederationNHVNew Heavy Fighter Carrier (3rd Gen)
FederationNLFNew Fast Light Cruiser
FederationNLZ(New) Light Cruiser (Alternate Weapons "Z")
FederationNMSNew Minesweeper
FederationNMZNew Minesweeper (Alternate Weapons "Z")
FederationNPFNew PF Tender (3rd Gen)
FederationNPZNew Heavy Fighter Carrier (Alternate Weapons "Z")
FederationNSCNew Scout Cruiser
FederationNSRNew Survey Cruiser (and NRV) (3rd Gen)
FederationNSVHeavy Scout Carrier (3rd Gen)
FederationNVHNew Heavy Fighter Carrier (3rd Gen)
FederationNVLNew Light Carrier (3rd Gen)
FederationNVSNew Strike Carrier (3rd Gen)
FederationOCAOld Heavy Cruiser
FederationP-BPBattle Pod
FederationP-CPCargo Pod
FederationP-CVAHeavy Carrier Pod
FederationP-CVLLight Carrier Pod
FederationPDDPolice Destroyer
FederationPFThunderbolt PF
FederationPF_FThunderbolt FI-CON PF
FederationPFBThunderbolt Assault PF
FederationPFCThunderbolt Cargo PF
FederationP-FCFF-111 Conveyor Pod
FederationPFDThunderbolt Drone PF
FederationPFDLThunderbolt Drone PF Leader
FederationPFEThunderbolt Escort PF
FederationPFFPolice Frigate
FederationPFGThunderbolt Ground Assault PF
FederationPFHPhantom Heavy PF
FederationPFH-CPhantom Heavy Cargo PF
FederationPFH-DPhantom Heavy Drone PF
FederationPFH-FPhantom Heavy FI-CON PF
FederationPFH-GPhantom Heavy Ground Assault PF
FederationPFH-LPhantom Heavy PF Leader
FederationPFH-MPhantom Heavy Mine Warfare PF
FederationPFH-SPhantom Heavy Scout PF
FederationPFLThunderbolt PF Leader
FederationPFMThunderbolt Mine Warfare PF
FederationPFPThunderbolt Phaser PF
FederationPFPLThunderbolt Phaser PF Leader
FederationPFQSurvey PF
FederationPFRRecovery PF
FederationPFSThunderbolt PF Scout
FederationP-HVLHeavy Fighter Pod
FederationP-LBLight Battle Pod
FederationPMPolice Mauler
FederationPOLPolice Cutter
FederationPOVPolice Light Carrier
FederationP-PFPF Tender Pod
FederationP-RRepair Pod
FederationP-SCScout Pod
FederationP-SDSelf Defense Pod
FederationP-SLStarliner Pod
FederationP-TTroop Transport Pod
FederationPVPolice Carrier
FederationSAHSmall Heavy Auxiliary Carrier
FederationSCQDual-Engine Fleet Scout
FederationSCSSpace Control Ship
FederationSCSAHeavy Space Control Ship
FederationSCXAdvanced Scout
FederationSDAStellar Domination Ship (for PFs)
FederationSDSStellar Domination Ship
FederationS-QSmall Q-Ship
FederationSTFStellar Fortress
FederationTGQTri-Engine Tug
FederationTUGFleet Tug
FederationVCAHybrid Heavy Cruiser
FederationVDBBombardment Carrier
FederationVDNHybrid Dreadnought
FederationVFFHybrid Frigate
FederationVNLHybrid (New) Light Cruiser
FederationWACAndorian Warp-Refitted Command Cruiser
FederationWAFAlpha-Centaurian Warp-Refitted Frigate
FederationWALAlpha-Centaurian Warp-Refitted Light Cruiser
FederationWCATerran Warp-Refitted Heavy Cruiser
FederationWCLWarp-Refitted Cruiser
FederationWCMWarp-Refitted Commando Cruiser
FederationWDDWarp Refitted Destroyer
FederationWDNTerran Warp-Refitted Dreadnought
FederationWFFTerran Warp-Refitted Frigate
FederationWNFAndorian Warp-Refitted Frigate
FederationWRFRigellian Warp-Refitted Frigate
FederationWRLRigellian Warp-Refitted Light Cruiser
FederationWSRWarp-Refitted Survey Cruiser
FederationWVFVulcan Warp-Refitted Frigate
FederationWVLVulcan Warp-Refitted Light Cruiser
FederationYACAlpha-Centaurian Early Heavy Cruiser
FederationYADAlpha-Centaurian Early Destroyer
FederationYBSEarly Base Station
FederationYCAEarly Heavy Cruiser
FederationYCLEarly Light Cruiser
FederationYCCEarly Command Cruiser
FederationYCMEarly Commando Cruiser
FederationYCSEarly Survey Cruiser
FederationYDDEarly Destroyer
FederationYDKUFP Dock
FederationYDNEarly Dreadnought
FederationYFFEarly Frigate
FederationYNCAndorian Early Heavy Cruiser
FederationYNDAndorian Early Destroyer
FederationYNNAndorian Early Dreadnought
FederationYRCRigelian Early Heavy Cruiser
FederationYRDRigelian Early Destroyer
FederationYTGEarly Fleet Tug
FederationYVCVulcan Early Heavy Cruiser
FederationYVDVulcan Early Destroyer (and VDI)
GeneralACOSAccommodation Skid (3rd Gen)
GeneralAPSArmed Prospecting Ship (3rd Gen)
GeneralAPTArmed Priority Transport (3rd Gen)
GeneralAPXArmed Priority X-Transport (3rd Gen)
GeneralARTArmed Recovery Transport (3rd Gen)
GeneralAxCVAHeavy Auxiliary Carrier (3rd Gen)
GeneralAxCVLSmall Auxiliary Carrier (3rd Gen)
GeneralAxPFLHeavy Auxiliary PF Tender (3rd Gen)
GeneralAxPFSSmall Auxiliary PF Tender (3rd Gen)
GeneralAxSCSAuxiliary Space Control Ship (3rd Gen)
GeneralBarMBarracks Module (3rd Gen)
GeneralBATSBattle Station (3rd Gen)
GeneralBHBHeavy Bomber Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralBMBMedium Bomber Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralBSBase Station (3rd Gen)
GeneralBSCCivilian Base Station (3rd Gen)
GeneralBSCXCivilian Advanced Base Station
GeneralBSXAdvanced Base Station
GeneralCarMCargo Module (3rd Gen)
GeneralCCSConvoy Command Skid
GeneralCCS2General CCS2
GeneralCDKGeneral CDK (3rd Gen)
GeneralCGOSCargo Skid (3rd Gen)
GeneralCONSConstruction Skid
GeneralCPLCommercial Platform (3rd Gen)
GeneralCPOBCivilian Planetary Operations Base
GeneralCPPProspecting Platform (3rd Gen)
GeneralCSOBCivilian Small Operations Base
GeneralCUTGeneral CUT
GeneralDefSatDefense Satellites (3rd Gen)
GeneralEPTExecutive Priority Transport (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-ALLarge Armed Freighter (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-ASSmall Armed Freighter (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-ELLarge Exploration Freighter (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-ESSmall Exploration Freighter (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-HLLarge Hospital Ship (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-HSSmall Hospital Ship (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-LLarge Freighter (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-LLLarge Cruise Liner (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-LSSmall Cruise Liner (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-MLLarge Mine-Laying Freighter (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-MSSmall Mine-Laying Freighter (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-OLCivilian Large Ore Carrier (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-OPCivilian Large Ore Processing Ship (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-PLLarge Prospecting Freighter (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-PSSmall Prospecting Freighter (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-RLLarge Repair Freighter (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-RSSmall Repair Freighter (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-SSmall Freighter (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-THHeavy Auxiliary Troop Transport
GeneralF-TLLarge Troop Transport (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-TSSmall Troop Transport (3rd Gen)
GeneralFACSFactory Skid
GeneralFEVGeneral FEV
GeneralFDXFederation Express (3rd Gen)
GeneralFGB-MMedium Fighter Ground Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralFGB-SSmall Fighter Ground Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralFNTFast Naval Transport
GeneralFRDFleet Repair Dock (3rd Gen)
GeneralFRXGeneral FRX
GeneralFSFGeneral FSF
GeneralFTFree Trader (3rd Gen)
GeneralFTHGeneral FTH
GeneralFTKFree Tanker (3rd Gen)
GeneralFTPFree Prospector (3rd Gen)
GeneralFTRFree Trooper (3rd Gen)
GeneralFTRSFighter Skid
GeneralFTQFree Q-Ship
GeneralFTTFast Luxury Transport (3rd Gen)
GeneralFTXFree Trader-X
GeneralFTZFree Salvor (3rd Gen)
GeneralFXXFederation X-Express
GeneralGBD1Ground Based Defense Phaser-1 (and YGBD1 and GBDX-1) (3rd Gen)
GeneralGBD2Ground-Based Phaser-2 (3rd Gen)
GeneralGBDDGround-Based Disruptor (3rd Gen)
GeneralGBDFGround-Based Plasma-F (3rd Gen)
GeneralGBDPGround-Based Phaser-4 (3rd Gen)
GeneralGBDTGround-Based Plasma-S (3rd Gen)
GeneralGBDX-4Advanced Small Ground Based PH-4
GeneralGBDX-DAdvanced Small Ground Based Disruptor
GeneralGBDX-FAdvanced Small Ground Based Fusion Beam
GeneralGBDX-HAdvanced Small Ground Based Hellbore
GeneralGBDX-ICAdvanced Small Ground Based Ion Cannon
GeneralGBDX-LAdvanced Small Ground Based PL-L
GeneralGBDX-MAdvanced Small Ground Based PL-M
GeneralGBDX-MGAdvanced Small Ground Based Medium Warp Railgun
GeneralGBDX-PAdvanced Small Ground Based Photon
GeneralGBDX-PCAdvanced Small Ground Based PC
GeneralGBDX-PDAdvanced Small Ground Based PPD
GeneralGBDX-RAdvanced Small Ground Based PL-R
GeneralGBDX-RGAdvanced Small Ground Based Warp Railgun
GeneralGBDX-SAdvanced Small Ground Based PL-S
GeneralGHDType-H-Drone Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralGMBGround Missile Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralGMBX-BAdvanced Drone-BX Ground Missile Base
GeneralGMBX-DAdvanced PL-DX Ground Missile Base
GeneralGMBX-GAdvanced Drone-GX Ground Missile Base
GeneralGMDGround Plasma-D Defense Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralGMEGround Missile Defense Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralGMGSmall Military Garrison (3rd Gen)
GeneralGMGXAdvanced Small Military Garrison
GeneralGMSSmall Mining Station (3rd Gen)
GeneralGPCPlanetary Control Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralGPCFXFederation Advanced Planetary Control Base
GeneralGPCXAdvanced Planetary Control Base
GeneralGPFPF Ground Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralGPSSmall Power Station (3rd Gen)
GeneralGPSXAdvanced Small Power Station
GeneralGPWXAdvanced Small Warp Power Station
GeneralGSGeneral Skid (3rd Gen)
GeneralGSAAgro Station (3rd Gen)
GeneralGSOSmall Scientific Outpost Station (3rd Gen)
GeneralGWSSmall Warning Station (3rd Gen)
GeneralHABHeavy Auxiliary Bomber Barge
GeneralHACHeavy Auxiliary Guard Ship (3rd Gen)
GeneralHAMCivilian Asteroid Mining Base Ship
GeneralHAPHeavy Auxiliary PF Tender (3rd Gen)
GeneralHAVHeavy Auxiliary Carrier (3rd Gen)
GeneralHBMHangar Bay Module (3rd Gen)
GeneralHFBLarge Heavy Fighter Ground Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralHFB-SSmall Heavy Fighter Ground Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralHFCHeavy Fighter Planetary Control Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralHFMHeavy Fighter Hangar Bay Module (3rd Gen)
GeneralHosMHospital Module (3rd Gen)
GeneralHPMHeavy Power Augmentation Module (3rd Gen)
GeneralHSCHeavy Auxiliary Control Ship (3rd Gen)
GeneralHTGHarbor Tug (3rd Gen)
GeneralL-DTLarge Freighter Ducktail (3rd Gen)
GeneralL-PTLarge Freighter Power Pack Ducktail
GeneralL-WTLarge Freighter Workboat Ducktail
GeneralLABLarge Auxiliary Bomber Barge
GeneralLACLarge Auxiliary Guard Ship (3rd Gen)
GeneralLAHGeneral LAH
GeneralLAOLarge Fleet Oiler
GeneralLAS(DRONE)Large Auxiliary Scout (Drone Races)
GeneralLAS(HYDRAN)Large Auxiliary Scout (Hydran)
GeneralLAS(LDR)Large Auxiliary Scout (LDR)
GeneralLAS(LYRAN)Large Auxiliary Scout (Lyran)
GeneralLAS(PLASMA)Large Auxiliary Scout (Plasma Races)
GeneralLAS(SELT-VUD)Large Auxiliary Scout (Seltorian and Vudar)
GeneralLAS(THOLIAN)Large Auxiliary Scout (Tholian)
GeneralLASHLighter Aboard Skid (3rd Gen)
GeneralLCDLarge Naval Construction Dock
GeneralLSSLife Support Skid
GeneralM-FMP1Fast Monitor Pallet (Type 1)
GeneralM-FMP2Fast Monitor Pallet (Type 2)
GeneralM-FPMonitor Fighter Pallet (3rd Gen)
GeneralM-PFPMonitor PFT Pallet (3rd Gen)
GeneralM-SCFFederation Space Control Monitor Pallet
GeneralM-SCPMonitor SCS Pallet (3rd Gen)
GeneralM-SPMonitor Support Pallet (3rd Gen)
GeneralMBMobile Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralMCDMedium Naval Construction Dock
GeneralMCRModular Courier (3rd Gen)
GeneralMEDSMedical Skid
GeneralMINSMining Skid
GeneralMONMonitor (Any) (3rd Gen)
GeneralOALarge or Small Operational Auxiliary
GeneralOBOperations Base
GeneralP-CCCivilian Cargo Pod (3rd Gen)
GeneralPAMBase Power Module (3rd Gen)
GeneralPCSPenal Colony Control Station
GeneralPFMPF Docking Module (3rd Gen)
GeneralPFSGunboat Skid
GeneralPRDSProduction Skid
GeneralPSSPolice Security Skid
GeneralPTPrime Trader (3rd Gen)
GeneralPTCGeneral PTC
GeneralPWRSPower Skid
GeneralRepMRepair Module (3rd Gen)
GeneralREPSRepair Skid
GeneralS-DTSmall Freighter Ducktail (3rd Gen)
GeneralS-PTSmall Freighter Power Pack Ducktail
GeneralS-WTSMall Freighter Workboat Ducktail
GeneralSACSmall Auxiliary Guard Ship (3rd Gen)
GeneralSAHGeneral SAH
GeneralSAJSmall Prison Transport
GeneralSALSmall Manufacturing Freighter
GeneralSALSSalvage Skid
GeneralSAMSystem Activity Maintenance Station (3rd Gen)
GeneralSAOSmall Fleet Oiler
GeneralSARSSearch and Rescue Skid
GeneralSASSmall Auxiliary Scout
GeneralSBStarbase (3rd Gen)
GeneralSCDSmall Naval Construction Dock
GeneralSciMSciences Module (3rd Gen)
GeneralSCISScience Skid
GeneralSDS1(D)Self Defense Skid Type-1 (Drone)
GeneralSDS1(P)Self Defense Skid Type-1 (Plasma-D)
GeneralSDS2Self Defense Skid Type-2
GeneralSDS3Self Defense Skid Type-3
GeneralSHTSShuttle Skid
GeneralSKSeeker-Class Skiff (3rd Gen)
GeneralSSKSecurity-Class Skiff (3rd Gen)
GeneralSTBSector Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralSTGSalvage Tug (3rd Gen)
GeneralSTXAdvanced Sector Base
GeneralTSSSmall Tramp Steamer (3rd Gen)
GeneralTUGSRecovery Skid
GeneralUFLEarly Large Freighter
GeneralUFSEarly Small Freighter
GeneralVIPMVIP Quarters Module
GeneralWBSWorkboat Skid
GeneralWGMobile Warp Gate
GeneralWarpGateWarp Gate
GeneralAPSArmed Prospecting Ship (3rd Gen)
GeneralAPTArmed Priority Transport (3rd Gen)
GeneralAPXArmed Priority X-Transport (3rd Gen)
GeneralARTArmed Recovery Transport (3rd Gen)
GeneralBHBHeavy Bomber Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralBMBMedium Bomber Base (3rd Gen)
GeneralBSBase Station (3rd Gen)
GeneralCPLCommercial Platform (3rd Gen)
GeneralCarMCargo Module (3rd Gen)
GeneralDefSatDefense Satellites (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-ALLarge Armed Freighter (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-ELLarge Exploration Freighter (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-HLLarge Hospital Ship (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-LLarge Freighter (3rd Gen)
GeneralF-SSmall Freighter (3rd Gen)
GornBBDBroad Battle Destroyer
GornBBLLight Battleship
GornBBVBattleship Carrier
GornBCBBase Buster
GornBCHHeavy Battlecruiser
GornBCLLight Battlecruiser
GornBCMBattlecruiser Mauler
GornBCSBattle Control Ship
GornBCVBattle Carrier
GornBDDBattle Destroyer
GornBDEBattle Destroyer Escort (and BDA)
GornBDGCommando Battle Destroyer
GornBDLBattle Destroyer Leader
GornBDNBubble Dreadnought
GornBDPBattle Destroyer PF Tender
GornBDSBattle Destroyer Scout
GornBDVMobile Carrier
GornBDXAdvanced Battle Destroyer
GornBDZBattle Destroyer (Alternate Weapons Z)
GornBFFast Battlecruiser
GornBFEEscort Battle Frigate
GornBFFPolice Battle Frigate
GornBFHPolice Heavy Battle Frigate
GornBFLPolice Battle Frigate Leader
GornBFSPolice Battle Scout
GornBFVPolice Battle Carrier
GornBGZCommando Battle Destroyer (Alternate Weapons Z)
GornBHDHefty Battle Destroyer
GornBMZBattle Minesweeper (Alternate Weapons Z)
GornBSIWarp-Refitted Base Station
GornBSLLaser-Armed Warp Refitted Base Station
GornBSXAdvanced Battle Scout
GornBTBattle Tug
GornCAHeavy Cruiser
GornCABBroad Battlecruiser
GornCAHHefty Cruiser
GornCBSICivilian Warp-Refitted Base Station
GornCCCommand Cruiser
GornCCHHeavy Command Cruiser
GornCCXAdvanced Command Cruiser
GornCDDHeavy Command Destroyer
GornCLLight Cruiser
GornCLEEscort Cruiser (and CLA)
GornCLXAdvanced Light Cruiser
GornCMMedium Cruiser
GornCMBBroad Medium Cruiser
GornCMFFast Medium Cruiser
GornCMGMedium Commando Cruiser
GornCMPMedium PF Tender
GornCMVMedium Strike Carrier
GornCMXAdvanced Medium Cruiser
GornCOMCommando Transport
GornCSStrike Cruiser
GornCVAHeavy Carrier
GornCVDInterdiction Carrier
GornCVSStrike Carrier
GornDCNCarronade Destroyer
GornDDDestroyer (and DDF)
GornDDGDestroyer Commando Transport
GornDDLDestroyer Leader
GornDDTDestroyer Transport
GornDDWDouble-Wing Destroyer
GornDEDestroyer Escort (and DEA)
GornDHNHefty Dreadnought
GornDLFLight Raiding Dreadnought
GornDLXLight X-Dreadnought
GornDNBDreadnought Battleship
GornDNDDreadnought Destroyer
GornDNEEarly Dreadnought
GornDNGCommando Dreadnought
GornDNHHeavy Dreadnought
GornDNLLight Dreadnought
GornDNMMedium Dreadnought
GornDNRGigantosaurus Dreadnought
GornDNTPlasma Dreadnought
GornEBSEarly Base Station (Y90)
GornECBSCivilian Early Base Station (Y90)
GornEDKEarly Space Dock (Y90)
GornFCRFast Carrier Resupply Ship
GornFFPolice Frigate
GornFFEPolice Escort Frigate
GornFFLFrigate Leader
GornFFSPolice Scout Frigate
GornFFVFrigate Carrier
GornFLCFast Light Strike Cruiser
GornFLGPolice Flagship
GornFNFrignaut Heavy Police Leader
GornGDDGunfighter Destroyer
GornHBDHeavy Battle Destroyer
GornHBDXAdvanced Heavy Battle Destroyer
GornHCDHeavy Commando Destroyer
GornHCDXAdvanced Heavy Commando Destroyer
GornHCMHeavy Medium Cruiser
GornHDBBroad Heavy Destroyer
GornHDDHeavy Destroyer
GornHDEHeavy Destroyer Escort (and HDA)
GornHDFFast Heavy Destroyer
GornHDMHeavy Destroyer Mauler
GornHDPHeavy Destroyer PF Tender
GornHDPXAdvanced PF Tender
GornHDSHeavy Destroyer Scout
GornHDSXAdvanced Heavy Scout Destroyer
GornHDTHeavy Destroyer Transport
GornHDVHeavy Destroyer Carrier
GornHDXAdvanced Light Cruiser
GornHDZHeavy Destroyer (Alternate Weapons Z)
GornHGZHeavy Commando Destroyer (Alternate Weapons Z)
GornHHDHefty Heavy Destroyer
GornHMSHeavy Minesweeper
GornHMZHeavy Minesweeper (Alternate Weapons Z)
GornHPZHeavy Destroyer PF Tender (Alternate Weapons Z)
GornHSRHeavy Survey Cruiser (and HSV)
GornHSVHeavy Destroyer Scout Carrier
GornHSVXAdvanced Scout Carrier
GornHTZHeavy Destroyer Transport (Alternate Weapons Z)
GornHVDEmergency Carrier
GornHVPPatrol Carrier
GornINTPterosaur Interceptor
GornINT-EPterosaur Scout Interceptor
GornINT-FPterosaur Fi-Con Interceptor
GornLBHHellcat Heavy Battlecruiser (Captured Lyran Ship)
GornLBTLight Battle Transport
GornLCLLocal Defense Light Cruiser
GornLCSLocal Defense Scout Cruiser
GornLCVLocal Defense Carrier
GornLDDLocal Defense Destroyer
GornLDELocal Defense Destroyer Escort
GornLDWWar Destroyer (Captured Lyran Ship)
GornLPFLocal Defense PF Tender
GornL-QLarge Q-Ship
GornLSCLarge Scout
GornMCCMedium Command Cruiser
GornMCMMedium Mauler
GornMDSMedium Division Control Ship
GornMSCMedium Scout Cruiser
GornMSRMedium Survey Cruiser (and MSV)
GornMSVMedium Scout Carrier
GornNHDNew Heavy Destroyer
GornP-CCargo Pod
GornP-YSLEarly Starliner Pod
GornP-YTEarly Troop Transport Pod
GornPFTPF Tender
GornP-HBHeavy Battle Pod
GornP-HFHeavy Fighter Resupply Pod
GornP-LBLight Battle Pod
GornP-LBEEarly Light Battle Pod
GornP-PFPF Tender Pod
GornP-RRepair Pod
GornP-SCScout Pod
GornP-SLStarliner Pod
GornP-TTransport Pod
GornPTD(2)Light PF Tender
GornPTDPterodon Heavy PF
GornPTD-CPterodon Heavy Cargo PF
GornPTD-DPterodon Heavy Plasma Rack PF
GornPTD-DLPterodon Heavy Plasma Rack PF Leader
GornPTD-FPterodon Heavy Fi-Con PF
GornPTD-GPterodon Heavy Ground Assault PF
GornPTD-LPterodon Heavy PF Leader
GornPTD-MPterodon Heavy Mine Warfare PF
GornPTD-SPterodon Heavy Scout PF
GornPter-CPterodactyl Cargo PF
GornPter-DPterodactyl Plasma Rack PF
GornPter-DLPterodactyl Plasma Rack PF Leader
GornPter-EPterodactyl Escort PF
GornPter-FPterodactyl Fi-Con PF
GornPter-GPterodactyl Ground Assault PF
GornPter-LPterodactyl PF Leader
GornPter-MPterodactyl Mine Warfare PF
GornPter-QSurvey PF
GornPter-PFPterodactyl PF
GornPter-RPterodactyl Recovery PF
GornPter-SPterodactyl Scout PF
GornP-TPPF Transport Pod
GornSBSLaser-Armed Base Station
GornSCBSCivilian Laser-Armed Base Station
GornSCSSpace Control Ship
GornSDIWarp-Refitted Dock
GornSDKLaser-Armed Dock
GornSDLLaser-Armed Warp-Refitted Dock
GornSDSStellar Domination Ship
GornS-QSmall Q-Ship
GornSPSSpace Patrol Ship
GornSRSurvey Cruiser (and SRV)
GornSSCSSector Control Ship
GornSTFStellar Fortress
GornWBBWarp-Refitted Battleship
GornWBIImproved Warp-Refitted Battleship
GornWBLLaser-Armed Warp-Refitted Battleship
GornWCAWarp-Refitted Cruiser
GornWCGImproved Warp-Refitted Commando Cruiser
GornWCIImproved Warp-Refitted Cruiser
GornWCLLaser-Armed Warp-Refitted Cruiser
GornWDDWarp-Refitted Destroyer
GornWDIWarp-Refitted Destroyer
GornWDLLaser-Armed Warp-Refitted Destroyer
GornWGLWarp=Refitted Commando Cruiser
GornYBSEarly Base Station (Y105)
GornYCBSCivilian Early Base Station (Y120)
GornYCCEarly Command Cruiser
GornYCGEarly Commando Cruiser
GornYCLEarly Light Cruiser
GornYDDEarly Destroyer
GornYDKEarly Space Dock (Y105)
GornYDNEarly Dreadnought
GornYFFEarly Frigate
GornYSREarly Survey Cruiser
GornYTGEarly Tug
ISCACSArea Control Ship (3rd Gen)
ISCBBLLight Battleship
ISCBBVBattleship Carrier
ISCBCSBattle Control Ship (3rd Gen)
ISCBCVBattle Carrier (3rd Gen)
ISCBTBattle Tug
ISCCAStar Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ISCCA(C)Contingency Heavy Cruiser
ISCCAMMauler Cruiser
ISCCATIndependent Patrol Cruiser
ISCCAXAdvanced Heavy Cruiser
ISCCBRFast Blockade Runner
ISCCCFlagship Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ISCCCLCommando Cruiser
ISCCCXAdvanced Flagship Cruiser
ISCCDDCommando Destroyer
ISCCEEscort Cruiser (and CEA) (3rd Gen)
ISCCFFast Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ISCCLLight Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ISCCL(C)Contingency Light Cruiser
ISCCLFFast Light Cruiser
ISCCLMLight Mauler Cruiser
ISCCLSXAdvanced Scout Cruiser
ISCCLXAdvanced Light Cruiser
ISCCMISC Medium Cruiser
ISCCMXAdvanced Medium Cruiser
ISCCPFConstabulary Police Flagship
ISCCSStrike Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ISCCS(C)Contingency Strike Cruiser
ISCCSFLight Fleet Strike Carrier
ISCCSVLight Scout Carrier
ISCCSVXAdvanced Light Strike Carrier
ISCCSXAdvanced Strike Cruiser
ISCCVFleet Carrier (3rd Gen)
ISCCVAHeavy Carrier
ISCCVDInterdiction Carrier (3rd Gen)
ISCCVEEscort Carrier
ISCCVFLight Fleet Carrier
ISCCVLLight Carrier (3rd Gen)
ISCCVLSLight Strike Carrier (3rd Gen)
ISCCVPPatrol Carrier
ISCCVSStrike Carrier (3rd Gen)
ISCCWWar Cruiser
ISCCWXAdvanced War Cruiser
ISCDCSDivision Control Ship
ISCDD(C)Contingency Destroyer
ISCDDGPlasma-G Destroyer
ISCDDLDestroyer Leader
ISCDDPLight PF Tender
ISCDDXAdvanced Destroyer
ISCDEDestroyer Escort (and DEA)
ISCDLXAdvanced Light Dreadnought
ISCDN(C)Contingency Dreadnought
ISCDNEEarly Dreadnought
ISCDNHHeavy Dreadnought
ISCDNLLight Dreadnought
ISCDNMMedium Dreadnought
ISCDNPPlasma Dreadnought
ISCDNTTorpedo Dreadnought
ISCDNWWar Dreadnought
ISCDPTPriority Transport
ISCDWWar Destroyer
ISCFCRFast Carrier Resupply Frigate (3rd Gen)
ISCFFFrigate (3rd Gen)
ISCFFEEscort Frigate (and FFA) (3rd Gen)
ISCFFLFrigate Leader (3rd Gen)
ISCFFVFrigate Carrier (3rd Gen)
ISCFFXAdvanced Frigate
ISCFLGPolice Flagship
ISCHCWHeavy War Cruiser
ISCHDDHeavy Destroyer
ISCHDDXAdvanced Heavy Destroyer
ISCHPLHeavy Police Ship
ISCHSCHeavy Scout
ISCINT-EEW Interceptor
ISCINT-FFi-Con Interceptor
ISCLBTLight Battle Transport
ISCLCALocal Defense Cruiser
ISCLCVLocal Defense Carrier
ISCLFELocal Defense Escort Frigate
ISCLFFLocal Defense Frigate
ISCL-QLarge Q-Ship
ISCLTTLight Tactical Transport
ISCMARMarshall Heavy PF
ISCMAR-CMarshall Heavy Cargo PF
ISCMAR-FMarshall Heavy Fi-Con PF
ISCMAR-GMarshall Heavy Ground Assault PF
ISCMAR-LMarshall Heavy Leader PF
ISCMAR-MMarshall Heavy Mine Warfare PF
ISCMAR-PMarshall Heavy Phaser PF
ISCMAR-SMarshall Heavy Scout PF
ISCNAXAdvanced New Heavy Cruiser
ISCNCASystem Cruiser
ISCNCSStrike System Cruiser
ISCNDDSystem Defense Destroyer
ISCNFFSystem Defense Frigate
ISCP-BBattle Pods (3rd Gen)
ISCP-CCargo Pod (3rd Gen)
ISCP-CVCarrier Pod (3rd Gen)
ISCP-CVAHeavy Carrier Pod (3rd Gen)
ISCP-CVLLight Carrier Pod (3rd Gen)
ISCP-HFRHeavy Fighter Resupply Pod
ISCP-LHFLight Heavy Fighter Resupply Pod
ISCP-LPTLight PF Transport Pod
ISCP-LSCLight Scout Pod
ISCP-PTTPF Transport Pod
ISCP-SCScout Pod
ISCPFFast Patrol Ship
ISCPFGGround Assault PF
ISCPFMMine Warfare PF
ISCP-LBLight Battle Pod (3rd Gen)
ISCP-LPFLight PF Pod (3rd Gen)
ISCPFTXAdvanced PF Tender
ISCPOLPolice Corvette
ISCP-PFTPF Tender Pod (3rd Gen)
ISCP-RRepair Pod (3rd Gen)
ISCP-TTroop Transport Pod (3rd Gen)
ISCP-TBTorpedo Pod (3rd Gen)
ISCPVPolice Carrier
ISCSCSSpace Control Ship
ISCSCXAdvanced Scout
ISCSDSStellar Domination Ship
ISCS-QSmall Q-Ship
ISCSRSurvey Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ISCSTFStellar Fortress
ISCWCA-KORWarp-Driven Heavy Cruiser (Korlivilar)
ISCWCA-PROWarp-Driven Heavy Cruiser (Pronhoulite)
ISCWCA-QNAWarp-Driven Heavy Cruiser (Q'Naabian)
ISCWCA-ROVWarp-Driven Heavy Cruiser (Rovillian)
ISCWCA-VELWarp-Driven Heavy Cruiser (Veltressai)
ISCWCL-KORWarp-Driven Light Cruiser (Korlivilar)
ISCWCL-PROWarp-Driven Light Cruiser (Pronhoulite)
ISCWCL-QNAWarp-Driven Light Cruiser (Q'Naabian)
ISCWCL-ROVWarp-Driven Light Cruiser (Rovillian)
ISCWCL-VELWarp-Driven Light Cruiser (Veltressai)
ISCWDD-KORWarp-Driven Destroyer (Korlivilar)
ISCWDD-PROWarp-Driven Destroyer (Pronhoulite)
ISCWDD-QNAWarp-Driven Destroyer (Q'Naabian)
ISCWDD-ROVWarp-Driven Destroyer (Rovillian)
ISCWDD-VELWarp-Driven Destroyer (Veltressai)
ISCWFF-KORWarp-Driven Frigate (Korlivilar)
ISCWFF-PROWarp-Driven Frigate (Pronhoulite)
ISCWFF-QNAWarp-Driven Frigate (Q'Naabian)
ISCWFF-ROVWarp-Driven Frigate (Rovillian)
ISCWFF-VELWarp-Driven Frigate (Veltressai)
ISCYBSEarly Base Station
ISCYCAEarly Heavy Cruiser
ISCYCLEarly Light Cruiser
ISCYDDEarly Destroyer
ISCYFFEarly Frigate
KlingonD6Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonF5Frigate (3rd Gen)
KlingonG2Police Gunboat (3rd Gen)
KlingonAD6Heavy Escort Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonADWHeavy Escort Cruiser
KlingonB10Battleship (and B10A) (3rd Gen)
KlingonB10SSpace Control Ship (and B10SA) (3rd Gen)
KlingonB10TEmergency Battleship (and B10TA) (3rd Gen)
KlingonB10VHeavy Carrier (and B10VA) (3rd Gen)
KlingonB11Super Battleship (and B11A) (3rd Gen)
KlingonB11SStellar Domination Ship (and B10SA) (3rd Gen)
KlingonB11VBattleship Carrier (and B11VA) (3rd Gen)
KlingonB4Early Battleship (3rd Gen)
KlingonB8Combined Dreadnought (and B8A) (3rd Gen)
KlingonB9Fast Battleship (3rd Gen)
KlingonBC8Quad-Engine Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KlingonBTBattle Tug (3rd Gen)
KlingonC10Heavy Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KlingonC10AHeavy Stasis Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KlingonC3Warp-Refitted Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KlingonC4Early Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KlingonC4BMiddle Years Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KlingonC5Light Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KlingonC5ALight Stasis Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KlingonC5MMedium Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KlingonC5XLight Raiding Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KlingonC6Early Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KlingonC7Heavy Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonC7AHeavy Stasis Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonC7SBattle Control Ship (3rd Gen)
KlingonC7VBattle Carrier (3rd Gen)
KlingonC8SSpace Control Ship
KlingonC8VHeavy Carrier
KlingonC9Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KlingonC9AStasis Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KlingonC9JPenal Dreadnought
KlingonCVTCarrier Tug (3rd Gen)
KlingonCVTAHeavy Carrier Tug (3rd Gen)
KlingonD3Warp-Refitted Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD3EWarp-Refitted Survey Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD3JWarp-Refitted Penal Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD4Early Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD4CEarly Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD4EEarly Survey Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD4GEarly Commando Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD4IEarly Police Flagship Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD4JEarly Penal Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD4NEarly Diplomatic Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5War Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD57Friguiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5AStasis Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5BScout Carrier (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5CLight Command Cruiser (and D5L) (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5DDrone Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5EEscort Cruiser (and AD5) (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5FAnti-Fighter Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5GCommando Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5HLight Tactical Transport (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5I(ISF) Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5JPenal War Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5JXAdvanced Penal Light Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5MMinesweeper (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5NDiplomatic Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5PPF Tender (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5PXAdvanced PF Tender (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5SScout Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5SXAdvanced Scout Light Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5UPatrol Carrier (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5VLight Carrier (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5WNew Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5WXAdvanced New Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5XAdvanced Light Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD5XDAdvanced Drone Light Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD6Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD6CCommand Cruiser
KlingonD6DDrone Cruiser
KlingonD6ESurvey Cruiser
KlingonD6FAnti-Fighter Cruiser
KlingonD6GCommando Cruiser
KlingonD6IInternal Security Cruiser
KlingonD6JPenal Battlecruiser
KlingonD6MMauler Cruiser (and D7M)
KlingonD6NDiplomatic Cruiser
KlingonD6PPF Tender (and D7P)
KlingonD6SHeavy Scout Cruiser
KlingonD6UInterdiction Carrier
KlingonD7Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD77Bullet Cruiser
KlingonD7AStasis Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD7AXAdvanced Stasis Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD7CCommand Cruiser (and D7L) (3rd Gen)
KlingonD7DDrone Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD7ESurvey Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD7NDiplomatic Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD7UArea Control Ship (3rd Gen)
KlingonD7VStrike Carrier (3rd Gen)
KlingonD7WCommand Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD7WDDrone Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD7YDrone Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD7ZPhaser Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonD8Destroyer (2X)
KlingonD9Heavy Cruiser (2X) (and D9C)
KlingonDC7Collared Battlecruiser
KlingonDC5Collared War Cruiser
KlingonDDPDrone Bombardment PF Tender (D6DP) (3rd Gen)
KlingonDDWNew Drone Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonDV7Heavy carrier
KlingonDVHXAdvanced Heavy Fighter Carrier (3rd Gen)
KlingonDWANew Stasis Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonDWBHeavy Scout Carrier (3rd Gen)
KlingonDWDNew Drone Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonDWGNew Commando Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonDWJNew Penal Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonDWLNew Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonDWNNew Diplomatic Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonDWPNew PF Tender (3rd Gen)
KlingonDWSNew Heavy Scout Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonDWUNew Division Control Ship (3rd Gen)
KlingonDWVNew Strike Carrier
KlingonDXAdvanced Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonDXDAdvanced Drone Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonE3CEscort Leader
KlingonE3DDrone Escort (ISF)
KlingonE3ECarrier Escort (and E3A)
KlingonE3XAdvanced Escort
KlingonE4CEscort Leader
KlingonE4DDrone Escort
KlingonE4ECarrier Escort (and E4A)
KlingonE4GCommando Escort
KlingonE4IInternal Security Escort
KlingonE4JPenal Escort (ISF)
KlingonE4RFast Carrier Resupply Ship
KlingonE4VEscort Carrier (ISF)
KlingonE5Battle Escort (3rd Gen)
KlingonE5DDrone Escort (3rd Gen)
KlingonE5ECarrier Escort (3rd Gen)
KlingonE7DDrone Bombardment Ship
KlingonE7JPenal Cruiser
KlingonE6Battle Escort (3rd Gen)
KlingonE7Heavy Cruiser
KlingonEDWNew Survey Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonF3Warp-Refitted Frigate
KlingonF3IWarp-Refitted Police Frigate
KlingonF3JWarp-Refitted Penal Frigate
KlingonF4Early Frigate
KlingonF4GEarly Commando Frigate
KlingonF4JEarly Penal Frigate
KlingonF5CDestroyer (and F5L)
KlingonF5DDrone Frigate
KlingonF5ECombat Escort (and AF5)
KlingonF5GCommando Frigate
KlingonF5IInternal Security Frigate (3rd Gen)
KlingonF5JPenal Frigate (DSF) (3rd Gen)
KlingonF5PInternal Security Frigate Leader
KlingonF5RFast Carrier Resupply Frigate
KlingonF5VLight Carrier
KlingonF5WWar Destroyer
KlingonF5WXAdvanced War Destroyer
KlingonF6Battle Frigate (3rd Gen)
KlingonF6BDrone Battle Frigate (3rd Gen)
KlingonF6EEscort Battle Frigate (3rd Gen)
KlingonF6JPenal Battle Frigate (3rd Gen)
KlingonF6SBattle Frigate Scout (3rd Gen)
KlingonF6TBattle Transport (3rd Gen)
KlingonF7Frigate (2X)
KlingonFCAHeavy Cruiser (Captured Federation)
KlingonFD5Fast War Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonFD7Fast Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonFDWNew Fast Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonFPWISF War Command Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KlingonFSXAdvanced Scout (3rd Gen)
KlingonFWCWar Destroyer Leader (and FWL) (3rd Gen)
KlingonFWDDrone War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KlingonFWEEscort War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KlingonFWGCommando War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KlingonFWIISF War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KlingonFWJPenal War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KlingonFWMMinesweeper War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KlingonFWPLight PF Tender (3rd Gen)
KlingonFWRFast Carrier Resupply War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KlingonFWSWar Destroyer Scout (3rd Gen)
KlingonFWTWar Destroyer Transport (3rd Gen)
KlingonFWVMobile Carrier (3rd Gen)
KlingonFXAdvanced Frigate (3rd Gen)
KlingonG1BAssault PF
KlingonG1BLAssault PF Leader
KlingonG1CCargo PF
KlingonG1DDrone PF
KlingonG1DLDrone PF Leader
KlingonG1FFi-Con PF
KlingonG1GGround Assault PF
KlingonG1KHunter-Killer PF
KlingonG1KLHunter-Killer PF Leader
KlingonG1LPF Leader
KlingonG1MMine Warfare PF
KlingonG1NCommand PF Leader
KlingonG1PPhaser PF
KlingonG1PLPhaser PF Leader
KlingonG1QSurvey PF
KlingonG1RRecovery PF
KlingonG1SScout PF
KlingonG2Police Gunboat
KlingonG2CPolice Leader
KlingonG4Police Flagship (3rd Gen)
KlingonG6Heavy Police Gunboat (3rd Gen)
KlingonGF5Gunfighter Frigate (3rd Gen)
KlingonGNKGendarme Police Ship (Captured Hydran)
KlingonH1EScout Interceptor
KlingonH1FFi-Con Interceptor
KlingonHD5Heavy War Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonHF5Heavy War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KlingonHF5XAdvanced Heavy War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KlingonK1Heavy PF
KlingonK1CHeavy Cargo PF
KlingonK1DHeavy Drone PF
KlingonK1FHeavy Fi-Con PF
KlingonK1GHeavy Ground Assault PF
KlingonK1LHeavy PF Leader
KlingonK1MHeavy Mine Warfare PF
KlingonK1SHeavy Scout PF
KlingonLD4Naval Reserve Cruiser
KlingonLD4JNaval Reserve Penal Cruiser
KlingonLD4PNaval Reserve PF Tender
KlingonLD5Light Cruiser
KlingonLDVNaval Reserve Carrier
KlingonLF4Naval Reserve Frigate
KlingonLFENaval Reserve Escort Frigate
KlingonLMNKlingon LMN
KlingonL-QLarge Q-Ship
KlingonMB10Mauler Battleship (and MB10A) (3rd Gen)
KlingonMC8Mauler Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KlingonMD5War Cruiser Mauler (3rd Gen)
KlingonMD7XAdvanced Mauler Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonMDWNew Mauler Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KlingonP-B4Battle Pod
KlingonP-C1Cargo Pod
KlingonP-D8Drone Bombardment Pod
KlingonP-H5Hangar Pod
KlingonP-HF12Heavy Fighter Resupply Pods
KlingonP-M11Medium Hangar Pods
KlingonP-P2Power-Boost Pod
KlingonP-PF6PF Tender Pod
KlingonP-PT13PF Transport Pods
KlingonP-R9Repair Pod
KlingonP-S10Space Control Pod
KlingonP-T3Troop Transport Pod
KlingonP-V7Heavy Carrier Pod
KlingonRKLSparrowhawk Light Cruiser
KlingonRNKDrone Ranger (Captured Hydran)
KlingonS-QSmall Q-Ship
KlingonSD7Strike Cruiser
KlingonSTFStellar Fortress
KlingonT4Early Transport Tug
KlingonTGAFleet Tug (3rd Gen)
KlingonTGBTransport Tug (3rd Gen)
KlingonTSCSpace Control Tug (3rd Gen)
KlingonUD7Division Control Ship (3rd Gen)
KlingonWD5War Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KlingonYBSEarly Base Station
KlingonYDKEmpire Dock (3rd Gen)
KoligahrBVBehemoth Carrier
KoligahrCAHeavy Cruiser
KoligahrCADDefense Cruiser
KoligahrDDEEscort Destroyer
KoligahrFGB-MMedium Fighter Ground Base
KoligahrFGB-SSmall Fighter Ground Base
KoligahrGPFSmall PF Ground Base
KoligahrGPCPlanetary Control Base
KoligahrPBPatrol Boat
KoligahrPFFast Patrol Ship
KoligahrPFLPF Leader
KoligahrPFSPF Scout
KoligahrPHSPhaser PF
KoligahrPFFFi-Con PF
KoligahrPFGGround Assault PF
KoligahrPFMMine Warfare PF
KoligahrPFCCargo PF
KoligahrPFRRecovery PF
KoligahrPFQSurvey PF
KoligahrPBKFighter Killer
KoligahrPSPatrol Scout
KoligahrPSPEarly PF Tender
KoligahrRLBRelocatable Logistics Base
KoligahrSCSSpace Control Ship
KoligahrSVShort Carrier
KzintiACSArea Control Ship (3rd Gen)
KzintiADFAd-Hoc Drone Bombardment Ship (3rd Gen)
KzintiADWLight Attack Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiBBKzinti Battleship (3rd Gen)
KzintiBBVKzinti Battleship Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiBCBattlecruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiBCHHeavy Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiBCMMauler Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiBCSBattle Control Ship (3rd Gen)
KzintiBCVBattle Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiBCXAdvanced Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiBFFast Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiBFFBattle Frigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiCAHeavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCBTKzinti Combat Battle Tug (3rd Gen)
KzintiCCCommand Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCCHHeavy Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCCXAdvanced Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCDDrone Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCDXAdvanced Drone Bombardment Light Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCDKzinti Drone Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCLLight Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCLCLight Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCLDLight Drone Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCLELight Escort Cruiser (and CLA) (3rd Gen)
KzintiCLMLight Cruiser Minesweeper (3rd Gen)
KzintiCLXAdvanced Light Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCMMedium Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCMDXKzinti Cmdx Advanced Drone Bombardment Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCMFFast Medium Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCMMMedium Mauler Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCMPXAdvanced PF Tender (3rd Gen)
KzintiCMSXAdvanced Medium Scout Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCMVXAdvanced Heavy Fighter Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiCMXAdvanced Light Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCMXDAdvanced Drone Cruiser
KzintiCMZMedium Cruiser (Alternate Weapons Z) (3rd Gen)
KzintiCSStrike Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiCSVMedium Scout Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiCVCarrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiCVAHeavy Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiCVCCommand Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiCVDInterdiction Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiCVEEscort Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiCVLLight Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiCVPPatrol Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiCVSStrike Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiCVTKzinti Carrier Tug (3rd Gen)
KzintiDCSDivision Control Ship (3rd Gen)
KzintiDDDestroyer (3rd Gen)
KzintiDDEDestroyer Escort (and DEA) (3rd Gen)
KzintiDDSScout Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KzintiDDVFirst Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiDDZDestroyer (Alternate Weapons Z) (3rd Gen)
KzintiDFDrone Frigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiDGZCommando War Destroyer (Alternate Weapons Z) (3rd Gen)
KzintiDLXLight Advanced Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KzintiDMZWar Minehunter (Alternate Weapons Z) (3rd Gen)
KzintiDNDreadnought (3rd Gen)
KzintiDNAAeigis Escort Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KzintiDNDDrone Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KzintiDNEEarly Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KzintiDNHHeavy Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KzintiDNLLight Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KzintiDNMKzinti Medium Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KzintiDNWKzinti War Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KzintiDWWar Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KzintiDWDWar Drone Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KzintiDWEWar Destroyer Escort (and DWA) (3rd Gen)
KzintiDWGCommando War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KzintiDWLWar Destroyer Leader (3rd Gen)
KzintiDWPLight PF Tender (3rd Gen)
KzintiDWSWar Destroyer Scout (3rd Gen)
KzintiDWTWar Destroyer Transport (3rd Gen)
KzintiDWVMobile Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiDWXAdvanced War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KzintiDWZWar Destroyer (Alternate Weapons Z) (3rd Gen)
KzintiEBCEscort Battlecruiser (and ABC) (3rd Gen)
KzintiEFFKzinti Escort Frigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiFCRFast Carrier Resupply Ship (3rd Gen)
KzintiFDXAdvanced Scout Drone Frigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiFEXAdvanced Escort Frigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiFFFrigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiFFGCommando Frigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiFFKFrigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiFFTTransport Frigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiFHHeavy Frigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiFi-ConNeedle Fi-Con PF
KzintiFi-Con-LNeedle Fi-Con PF Leader
KzintiFi-Con-SNeedle Fi-Con PF Scout
KzintiFKEEscort Frigate (and FKA) (3rd Gen)
KzintiFKXAdvanced Frigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiFLGPolice Flagship (3rd Gen)
KzintiGFFGunfighter Frigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiHCMHeavy Medium Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiHDWKzinti Heavy War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KzintiHDWXAdvanced Heavy War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KzintiINTSpike Interceptor
KzintiINT-ESpike Interceptor Scout
KzintiINT-FSpike Interceptor Fi-Con
KzintiLADLarge Auxiliary Drone Bombardment Platform
KzintiLCDLocal Defense Drone Bombardment Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiLCSLocal Defense Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiLCVLocal Defense Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiLEFLocal Defense Escort (3rd Gen)
KzintiLFFLocal Defense Frigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiLMNKzinti LMN (3rd Gen)
KzintiLPFLocal Defense PF Tender (3rd Gen)
KzintiLPLManx Police Corvette (Captured Lyran Ship)
KzintiL-QLarge Q Ship
KzintiLTTLight Tactical Transport (Captured Lyran Ship)
KzintiMBTMedium Battle Transport (3rd Gen)
KzintiMCCMedium Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiMCGGround Assault Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiMCVMedium Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiMDCMedium Drone Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiMECMedium Escort Cruiser (and MAC) (3rd Gen)
KzintiMGZGround Assault Cruiser (Alternate Weapons Z) (3rd Gen)
KzintiMMSMedium Minesweeper (3rd Gen)
KzintiMMZMedium Minesweeper (Alternate Weapons Z) (3rd Gen)
KzintiMPFMedium PF Tender (3rd Gen)
KzintiMPZMedium PF Tender (3rd Gen)
KzintiMRNMulti-Role Needle Fast Patrol Ship
KzintiMRN-LMulti-Role Needle Fast Patrol Ship Leader
KzintiMRRMulti-Role Rapier Heavy Fast Patrol Ship
KzintiMRR-LMulti-Role Rapier Heavy Fast Patrol Ship Leader
KzintiMSSmall Minesweeper (3rd Gen)
KzintiMSCMedium Scout Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiMTTMedium Tactical Transport (3rd Gen)
KzintiMTZMedium Tactical Transport (Alternate Weapons Z) (3rd Gen)
KzintiNAXAdvanced New Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiNCANew Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiNCCNew Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiNCDNew Drone Bombardment Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiNCFNew Fast Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiNCGNew Heavy Ground Assault Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiNCVNew Strike Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiNDCNew Division Control Ship (3rd Gen)
KzintiNECNew Heavy Escort Cruiser
KzintiNPFNew PF Tender (3rd Gen)
KzintiNSCNew Heavy Scout Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiNSRNew Survey Cruiser (and NRV) (3rd Gen)
KzintiNSVHeavy Scout Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiP-B3Battle Pod
KzintiP-C1Cargo Pod
KzintiP-F11Heavy Fighter FCR Pod
KzintiPF-CNeedle Cargo PF
KzintiPF-DNeedle Drone PF
KzintiPF-DLNeedle Drone PF Leader
KzintiPF-GNeedle Ground Assault PF
KzintiPF-MNeedle Mine Warfare PF
KzintiPF-NNeedle PF
KzintiPF-NLNeedle PF Leader
KzintiPF-QNeedle-Q Survey PF
KzintiPF-RNeedle Recovery PF
KzintiPF-SNeedle PF Scout
KzintiPFTPF Tender (3rd Gen)
KzintiPolPolice Corvette (3rd Gen)
KzintiP-PF12PF Transport Pod
KzintiP-PF6PF Tender Pod
KzintiP-R8Repair Pod
KzintiP-S10Scout Pod
KzintiP-SC9Space Control Pod
KzintiP-SD4Self-Defense Pod
KzintiP-T5Troop Transport Pod
KzintiPVPolice Carrier (3rd Gen)
KzintiP-V2Hangar Pod
KzintiP-V7Heavy Carrier Pod
KzintiP-YSD4Early Self Defense Pod
KzintiP-YT5Early Troop Transport Pod
KzintiRPRRapier Heavy PF
KzintiRPR-CRapier Heavy Cargo PF
KzintiRPR-DRapier Heavy Drone PF
KzintiRPR-FRapier Heavy Fi-Con PF
KzintiRPR-GRapier Heavy Ground Assault PF
KzintiRPR-LRapier Heavy PF Leader
KzintiRPR-MRapier Heavy Mine Warfare PF
KzintiRPR-SRapier Heavy PF Scout
KzintiSADSmall Auxiliary Drone Bombardment Platform
KzintiSBTSuper Battle Tug
KzintiSCSSpace Control Ship (3rd Gen)
KzintiSDFScout Drone Frigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiSDSStellar Domination Ship (3rd Gen)
KzintiSDWScout Drone War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KzintiSFScout Frigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiS-QSmall Q Ship
KzintiSRSurvey Cruiser (and SRV) (3rd Gen)
KzintiSRIImproved Survey Cruiser (and SRIV) (3rd Gen)
KzintiSRLLight Survey Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiSSCSSuper Space Control Ship (3rd Gen)
KzintiSTFStellar Fortress (3rd Gen)
KzintiTGCCombat Tug (3rd Gen)
KzintiTGTTransport Tug (3rd Gen)
KzintiTRITri-Maran Cruiser
KzintiTSCSpace Control Tug (3rd Gen)
KzintiWCAWarp-Refitted Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiWDDWarp-Refitted Destroyer (and WDI) (3rd Gen)
KzintiWDGWarp-Refitted Commando Destroyer (3rd Gen)
KzintiWDNWarp-Refitted Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KzintiWCCWarp-Refitted Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiWTGWarp-Refitted Transport Tug (3rd Gen)
KzintiYBSEarly Base Station
KzintiYCCEarly Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiYCDEarly Light Drone Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiYCGLight Commando Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiYCLEarly Light Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiYCSEarly Strike Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiYDFEarly Drone Frigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiYDKHegemony Dock
KzintiYDNEarly Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
KzintiYFFEarly Frigate (3rd Gen)
KzintiYSREarly Survey Cruiser (3rd Gen)
KzintiYTGEarly Transport Tug (3rd Gen)
HiverBCBattle Cruser
HiverCAHeavy Cruiser
HiverCLLight Cruiser
HiverCLJLight Cruser Jammer
HiverCMMedium Cruiser
HiverCMEMedium Cruser Escort
HiverDNHHeavy Drednought
HiverLPLanding Pad
HiverSCLLight Scout
HydranCRUCrusader Frigate Leader (3rd Gen)
HydranHNHunter Frigate (3rd Gen)
HydranKNKnight Destroyer (3rd Gen)
HydranLNLancer Destroyer (3rd Gen)
HydranAPAApache Medium Command Cruiser
HydranBANBanshee Heavy PF
HydranBAN-CBanshee Heavy Cargo PF
HydranBAN-FBanshee Heavy Fi-Con PF
HydranBAN-GBanshee Heavy Ground Assault PF
HydranBAN-LBanshee Heavy PF Leader
HydranBAN-MBanshee Heavy Mine Warfare PF
HydranBAN-SBanshee Heavy PF Scout
HydranBARBaron Light Command Cruiser
HydranCAMMauler Cruiser
HydranCATCataphract Commando Cruiser
HydranCAVCavalier Heavy Carrier
HydranCAVXCavalier-X Advanced Heavy Carrier
HydranCHALord Admiral Heavy Command Cruiser
HydranCHCLord Cardinal Heavy Command Cruiser
HydranCHYCheyenne New Heavy Cruiser
HydranCMMMedium Mauler Cruiser
HydranCNTCount Destroyer Leader
HydranCOMComanche Medium Command Cruiser
HydranCOSCossack Medium Carrier
HydranCRUCrusader Frigate Leader
HydranCTZCataphract Commando Cruiser (Alternate Weapons Z)
HydranCUCuirassier Frigate
HydranCVEScythian Escort Carrier
HydranCW(C)War Cruiser (Captured Lyran Ship)
HydranD7HAnarchist (Captured Klingon Ship)
HydranDCSSioux Division Control Ship
HydranDDPLancer PF Tender
HydranDDSLancer Scout
HydranDEDestroyer Escort (and DA)
HydranDGDragoon Cruiser
HydranDGXAdvanced Dragoon Cruiser
HydranDLXLiege-X Advanced Light Dreadnought
HydranDNHHellfire Assault Dreadnought
HydranDNMMagyar Medium Dreadnought
HydranDNWKiowa War Dreadnought
HydranDW(C)War Destroyer (Captured Lyran Ship)
HydranDWEAntelope Hunter Destroyer Escort (and DWA)
HydranDWFWar Destroyer
HydranDWGCommando War Destroyer
HydranDWHRhino Hunter War Destroyer
HydranDWLLion Hunter War Destroyer Leader
HydranDWSBuffalo Scout War Destroyer Scout
HydranDWVVampire Hunter Mobile Carrier
HydranEHEscort Hunter Frigate (and AH)
HydranERLEarl Destroyer Leader
HydranFCRFast Carrier Resupply Frigate
HydranFCXFast X-Fighter Resupply Ship
HydranFDWLight PF Tender
HydranFFTTransport Frigate
HydranFUSFusilier Warp-Refitted Cruiser
HydranGBDHGround Based Hellbore
HydranGBFBGround Based Fusion Beam
HydranGENGendarme Police Ship
HydranGNVGendarme-V Light Police Carrier
HydranGRNGrenadier Early Cruiser
HydranGRVGrenadier-V Training Carrier
HydranHARHarrier PF
HydranHAR-CHarrier Cargo PF
HydranHAR-GHarrier Ground Assault PF
HydranHAR-LHarrier PF Leader
HydranHAR-MHarrier Mine Warfare PF
HydranHAR-QSurvey PF
HydranHAR-RHarrier Recovery PF
HydranHAR-SHarrier Scout PF
HydranHCKHacker Gunfighter Frigate
HydranHDWDemon Hunter Heavy War Destroyer
HydranHDWXDemon Hunter-X Advanced Heavy War Destroyer
HydranHELHellion PF
HydranHEL-LHellion PF Leader
HydranHGNHeavy Police Destroyer
HydranHGVHeavy Police Carrier
HydranHMOMongol-H Heavy Medium Cruiser
HydranHNHunter Frigate
HydranHNGCommando Hunter
HydranHOWHowler PF
HydranHOW-LHowler PF Leader
HydranHRHorseman War Cruiser
HydranHTATartar-H Heavy Medium Cruiser
HydranHUNHydran HUN
HydranICIron Chancellor Heavy Carrier
HydranIDIron Duke Heavy Carrier
HydranINSInspector Police Flagship
HydranINTHarbinger Interceptor
HydranINT-EHarbinger Interceptor Scout
HydranINT-FHarbinger Fi-Con Interceptor
HydranINT-HHellbringer Interceptor
HydranIRCIroquois Chieftan New Command Cruiser
HydranIRFIroquois-F New Fast Cruiser
HydranIRQIroquois New Heavy Cruiser
HydranIRXIroquois-X Advanced New Heavy Cruiser
HydranKNKnight Destroyer
HydranKNXAdvanced Knight Destroyer
HydranLBLord Bishop Command Cruiser
HydranLBXLord Bishop-X Advanced Command Cruiser
HydranLCLord Commander Command Cruiser
HydranLCAGrenadier Local Defense Cruiser
HydranLELord Executioner Area Control Ship
HydranLFEVoltigeur-E Local Defense Escort Frigate
HydranLFFVoltigeur Local Defense Frigate
HydranLFVVoltigeur-V Local Defense Escort Carrier
HydranLGELiege Light Dreadnought
HydranLHELord High Executioner Division Control Ship
HydranLMLord Marshal Command Cruiser
HydranLMNHydran LMN
HydranLMXLord Marshal-X Advanced Command Cruiser
HydranLNLancer Destroyer
HydranLNGCommando Lancer
HydranLNHHeavy Lancer Destroyer
HydranLNXAdvanced Lancer Destroyer
HydranLPLord Paladin Space Control Ship
HydranLPFGrenadier-P Local Defense PF Tender
HydranL-QLarge Q-Ship
HydranLTTMule Light Tactical Transport
HydranLTZMule Light Tactical Transport (Alternate Weapons Z)
HydranMHKMohawk New Heavy Cruiser
HydranMHXMohawk-X Advanced New Heavy Cruiser
HydranMKEMohawk-E Heavy Escort Cruiser
HydranMKIMohawk Chieftan New Command Cruiser
HydranMKPSeminole Medium PF Tender
HydranMKVMohawk-V Medium Carrier
HydranMNGMongol Medium Cruiser
HydranMNRMonarch Battleship
HydranMNSMonarch-S Stellar Domination Ship
HydranMNVMonarch-V Heavy Carrier
HydranMNXMongol-X Advanced Medium Cruiser
HydranMNZMongol Medium Cruiser (Alternate Weapons Z)
HydranMSPicador Minesweeper
HydranMSKMuskateer Warp-Refitted Frigate
HydranMSRMohican New Survey Cruiser (and MRV)
HydranMSXMongol-SX Advanced Medium Scout Cruiser
HydranMTGLlama New Tug
HydranNECNew Escort Cruiser (and NAC)
HydranNMSNew Minesweeper
HydranNMZNew Minesweeper (Alternate Weapons Z)
HydranNPFNew PF Tender
HydranNPZNew PF Tender (Alternate Weapons Z)
HydranNSCChasseur New Scout Cruiser
HydranNVLTrooper New Light Carrier
HydranOMOvermind Battle Control Ship
HydranOSOverseer Battle Carrier
HydranOVOverlord Battlecruiser
HydranPALPaladin Dreadnought
HydranP-CCargo Pallet
HydranP-CMCombat Pallet (and P-CE)
HydranP-CRHeavy Fighter Resupply Pallet
HydranP-CVCarrier Pallet
HydranP-FCShuttle Conveyor Pallet
HydranP-FSFire Support Pallet
HydranPFTPegasus PF Tender
HydranPGCPegasus Light Cruiser
HydranPGFPegasus Flagship Cruiser
HydranPGGPegasus Commando Scout
HydranPGRPegasus Survey Cruiser
HydranPGSPegasus Scout
HydranPGVPegasus-V Light Carrier
HydranPGXPegasus-X Advanced PF Tender
HydranPICPicket Heavy Survey Cruiser (and PIV)
HydranP-PFPF Tender Pallet
HydranP-PTPF Transport Pallet
HydranP-RRepair Pallet
HydranP-SCScout Pallet
HydranP-SDSelf-Defense Pallet
HydranP-TTTroop Transport Pallet
HydranP-YSDEarly Self Defense Pallet
HydranP-YTTEarly Troop Transport Pallet
HydranREGRegent Heavy Dreadnought
HydranRGRRagnar Cruiser
HydranRNRanger Cruiser
HydranRNXAdvanced Ranger Cruiser
HydranSARSaracen Frigate Leader
HydranSCXAdvanced Scout Destroyer
HydranSENSentinel Medium Scout Carrier
HydranS-QSmall Q-Ship
HydranSROutrider Survey Ship (Includes SRV and SRG)
HydranSTFStellar Fortress
HydranTARTartar Medium Cruiser
HydranTEMTemplar Early Dreadnought
HydranTHRThoroughbred Fast Cruiser
HydranTRTraveler Light Cruiser
HydranTRXTartar-X Advanced Medium Cruiser
HydranTRZTartar Medium Cruiser (Alternate Weapons Z)
HydranTUGCaravan Tug
HydranUHUhlan Carrier
HydranVALValkyrie Fi-Con PF
HydranVDXVagabond-X Advanced Medium Scout Carrier
HydranVEDVedette Heavy Scout Carrier
HydranVOLVoltigeur Early Frigate
HydranWARWarrior Destroyer Leader
HydranWCCWarp Command Cruiser
HydranWDDWarp Destroyer
HydranWDGWarp Commando Destroyer
HydranWDNWarp Dreadnought
HydranWSRWarp Survey Cruiser
HydranWTGWarp Tug
HydranYBSMerchant Guild Early Base Station
HydranYCCEarly Command Cruiser
HydranYDDEarly Destroyer
HydranYDGEarly Commando Destroyer
HydranYDKKingdom Guild Dock
HydranYDNEarly Dreadnought
HydranYTGEarly Tug
ISCCVEEscort Carrier
ISCDDGPlasma-G Destroyer
ISCDDLDestroyer Leader
ISCFFEFrigate Escort (3rd Gen)
LyranBBCave Lion Battleship
LyranBBVCavern Lion Battleship Carrier
LyranBCWildcat Battlecruiser
LyranBCEEarly Battlecruiser
LyranBCHHellcat Heavy Battlecruiser
LyranBCSFirecat Battle Control Ship
LyranBCVSiberian Hellcat Battle Carrier
LyranBCXWildcat-X Advanced Battlecruiser
LyranBFFBattlecat Destroyer
LyranBOB-ABobcat-A PF
LyranBOB-LBobcat-L PF Leader
LyranBOB-CBobcat-C Cargo PF
LyranBOB-FBobcat-F Fi-Con PF
LyranBOB-GBobcat-G Ground Assault PF
LyranBOB-MBobcat-M Mine Warfare PF
LyranBOB-PBobcat-P Phaser PF
LyranBOB-PLBobcat-PL Phaser PF Leader
LyranBOB-QSurvey PF
LyranBOB-RBobcat-R Recovery PF
LyranBOB-SBobcat-S Scout PF
LyranCATiger Heavy Cruiser
LyranCALLioness Heavy Cruiser
LyranCCBengal Tiger Command Cruiser
LyranCCHJava Tiger Heavy Command Cruiser
LyranCCXAdvanced Command Cruiser
LyranCFRunning Tiger Fast Cruiser
LyranCLPanther Light Cruiser
LyranCLXPanther Advanced Light Cruiser
LyranCM(C)Medium Cruiser (Captured Hydran)
LyranCSVWar Scout Carrier
LyranCVSiberian Tiger Carrier
LyranCVASiberian Lion Heavy Carrier
LyranCVDManchurian Tiger Interdiction Carrier
LyranCVLYaguarundi Light Carrier
LyranCVMMedium Carrier
LyranCVM2Manchurian Tiger Fleet Carrier
LyranCVPYaguarundix Patrol Carrier
LyranCWJaguar War Cruiser
LyranCWEWar Escort Cruiser (and CWA)
LyranCWFFast War Cruiser
LyranCWGCommando War Cruiser
LyranCWLWar Cruiser Leader
LyranCWMWar Minesweeper
LyranCWPXJaguar-PX Advanced PF Tender
LyranCWSServal War Cruiser Scout
LyranCWSXJaguar-SX Advanced War Cruiser Scout
LyranCWVXJaguar-X Advanced War Cruiser Carrier
LyranCWXAdvanced Light Cruiser
LyranDCSDivision Control Ship
LyranDDLeopard Destroyer (3rd Gen)
LyranDDEDestroyer Escort (and DDA) (3rd Gen)
LyranDDGCommando Destroyer (3rd Gen)
LyranDDVLeopard-V Destroyer Carrier (3rd Gen)
LyranDDXLeopard-X Advanced Destroyer (3rd Gen)
LyranDLXDesert Lion-X Light X-Dreadnought
LyranDNLion Dreadnought
LyranDNDMountain Lion Destroyer
LyranDNERoyal Tiger Early Dreadnought
LyranDNFArctic Lion War Cruiser
LyranDNHForest Lion Heavy Dreadnought
LyranDNLDesert Lion Light Dreadnought
LyranDNMArctic Lion Medium Dreadnought
LyranDNTLion Dreadnought Tug
LyranDNWCave Jaguar War Dreadnought
LyranDWAlleycat War Destroyer
LyranDW(C)War Destroyer (Captured Hydran)
LyranDWEWar Escort Destroyer (and DWA)
LyranDWGCommando War Destroyer
LyranDWHHousecat Heavy War Destroyer
LyranDWLWar Destroyer Leader
LyranDWMWar Destroyer Minesweeper
LyranDWSWar Destroyer Scout
LyranDWTAlleycat-T War Destroyer Transport
LyranDWVAlleycat-V Mobile Carrier
LyranDWXAdvanced Destroyer
LyranEECEmergency Cutter
LyranEPCEmergency Corvette
LyranESCEmergency Escort
LyranFCRFast Carrier Resupply Frigate (3rd Gen)
LyranFFCheetah Frigate (3rd Gen)
LyranFFEEscort Frigate (and FFA) (3rd Gen)
LyranFFTCheetah-T Transport Frigate (3rd Gen)
LyranFLGAbyssinian Police Flagship (3rd Gen)
LyranGBDBattle Destroyer (Captured Gorn)
LyranGBHDragon Heavy Battlecruiser (Captured Gorn)
LyranGFFCheetah-G Gunfighter Frigate
LyranHCWJaguar-H Heavy War Cruiser
LyranHDDHeavy Destroyer
LyranHDWTopcat Heavy War Destroyer
LyranHDWXTopcat-X Advanced Heavy War Destroyer
LyranHFFHeavy Frigate
LyranIDEDestroyer Escort (Captured ISC)
LyranINTLynx Interceptor
LyranIVPPatrol Carrier (Captured ISC)
LyranJGPJagdpanther Light Cruiser
LyranKPLPolice Corvette (Captured Kzinti)
LyranLCLimping Cat Cruiser
LyranLCALocal Defense Cruiser
LyranLCVLocal Defense Carrier
LyranLFELocal Defense Escort Frigate
LyranLFFLocal Defense Frigate
LyranLKWSnarling Cat War Cruiser (with Kzinti Technology)
LyranLMNLight Monitor
LyranLPFLocal Defense PF Tender
LyranL-QLarge Q-Ship
LyranLTTLight Tactical Transport
LyranLTVLight Carrier Transport
LyranMPMilitary Police Ship
LyranMSMinesweeper (3rd Gen)
LyranMTTMedium Tactical Transport (Captured Kzinti)
LyranNAXKing Jaguar-X Advanced New Heavy Cruiser
LyranNCAKing Jaguar New Heavy Cruiser
LyranNBTLyran NBT
LyranNCCKing Jaguar-C New Command Cruiser
LyranNCFKing Jaguar-F New Fast Cruiser
LyranNCVKing Jaguar-V New Medium Carrier
LyranNDSKing Jaguar-D Division Control Ship
LyranNMCKing Jaguar-M New Mauler Cruiser
LyranNPFKing Jaguar-P New PF Tender
LyranNSCKing Jaguar-S New Heavy Scout Cruiser
LyranNSRKing Jaguar-SR New Survey Cruiser
LyranNSTLyran NST
LyranNSVHeavy Scout Carrier
LyranNTGKing Jaguar-T New Combat Tug
LyranPal-BTBattle Pallet
LyranPal-CCargo Pallet
LyranPal-CVCarrier Pallet
LyranPal-PFTPF Tender Pallet
LyranPal-PTTPF Transport Pallet (Klingon)
LyranPal-RRepair Pallet
LyranPal-SCSSpace Control Pallet
LyranPal-SCScout Pallet
LyranPal-TTTroop Transport Pallet
LyranPAL-YSREarly Survey Pallet
LyranPAL-YTTEarly Troop Transport Pallet
LyranP-B4Battle Pod (Klingon)
LyranP-C1Cargo Pod (Klingon)
LyranP-FR13Heavy Fighter Resupply Pod (Klingon)
LyranPFTPF Tender (3rd Gen)
LyranPFWWar PF Tender
LyranP-H5Hangar Pod (Klingon)
LyranPOLManx Police Corvette
LyranP-P2Power Boost Pod (Klingon)
LyranP-PF6PF Tender Pods (Klingon)
LyranP-PT14PF Transport Pod (Klingon)
LyranP-R9Repair Pod (Klingon)
LyranP-SC12Scout Pod (Klingon)
LyranP-T3Troop Transport Pod (Klingon)
LyranPVPolice Carrier
LyranP-V7Heavy Carrier Pod (Klingon)
LyranQCNew Heavy Cruiser
LyranSCOcelot Scout (3rd Gen)
LyranSCSSiberian Lion Space Control Ship
LyranSCXAdvanced Scout
LyranSDSRift Lion Stellar Domination Ship
LyranSJXJaguar-X Advanced War Cruiser Mauler
LyranSNJStone-Jaguar Base Assault Cruiser
LyranS-QSmall Q-Ship
LyranSPSSiberian Lion-P Space Patrol Ship
LyranSRPrairie Cat Survey Ship
LyranSRVPrairie Lion Survey Carrier
LyranSSCSLion King Super Space Control Ship
LyranSTFStellar Fortress
LyranSTJSingle-Tooth Jaguar War Mauler
LyranSTLSingle-Tooth Lion Dreadnought Mauler
LyranSTTSaber-Tooth Tiger Mauler
LyranTGBCougar Battle Tug
LyranTGCCougar Fleet Tug
LyranTGPPuma Transport Tug
LyranTRCTreecat Heavy PF
LyranTRC-CTreecat Heavy Cargo PF
LyranTRC-FTreecat Heavy Fi-Con PF
LyranTRC-GTreecat Heavy Ground Assault PF
LyranTRC-LTreecat Heavy PF Leader
LyranTRC-MTreecat Heavy Mine Warfare PF
LyranTRC-PTreecat Heavy Phaser PF
LyranTRC-STreecat Heavy Scout PF
LyranTSCSpace Control Tug
LyranTTTTripple-Tooth Tiger Mauler
LyranWCAWarp-Refitted Cruiser
LyranWCLWarp-Refitted Light Cruiser
LyranWDDWarp-Refitted Destroyer
LyranWDNWarp-Refitted Dreadnought
LyranWFFWarp-Refitted Frigate
LyranWPFAbyssinian-H Heavy Police Flagship
LyranYBSEarly Base Station
LyranYCAEarly Heavy Cruiser
LyranYCLEarly Light Cruiser
LyranYDDEarly Destroyer
LyranYDGEarly Commando Destroyer
LyranYDHEarly Heavy Dreadnought
LyranYDKStar Empire Dock
LyranYDNEarly Dreadnought
LyranYFFEarly Frigate
LyranYTGEarly Transport Tug
LyranZCMMedium Cruiser (Captured Kzinti)
LDRBBCave Lion Battleship
LDRBCSFirecat Battle Control Ship
LDRBCVSiberian Hellcat Battle Carrier
LDRBOB-CBobcat-C Cargo PF
LDRBOB-GBobcat-G Ground Assault PF
LDRBOB-LBobcat-L PF Leader
LDRBOB-MBobcat-M Mine Warfare PF
LDRBOB-PBobcat-P Phaser PF
LDRBOB-PLBobcat-PL Phaser PF Leader
LDRBOB-RBobcat-R Recovery PF
LDRBOB-SBobcat-S Scout PF
LDRCAHeavy Cruiser (and CC)
LDRCCHJava Tiger Heavy Command Cruiser
LDRCCXAdvanced Command Cruiser
LDRCDWCommando War Destroyer
LDRCLLight Cruiser
LDRCMPMilitary Police Commando Corvette
LDRCVLWar Carrier
LDRCWWar Cruiser
LDRCWLWar Cruiser Leader
LDRCWSWar Cruiser Scout
LDRCWXAdvanced War Cruiser
LDRDGDragoon Heavy Cruiser
LDRDNLion Dreadnought
LDRDWWar Destroyer
LDRDWLWar Destroyer Leader
LDRDWVMobile Carrier
LDRDWXAdvanced Destroyer
LDRFCRCarrier Resupply Frigate
LDRFDDFleet Destroyer
LDRFPFleet Police Ship
LDRHDDHeavy Destroyer
LDRHDWTopcat Heavy War Destroyer
LDRHFFHeavy Frigate
LDRINTLynx Interceptor
LDRINT-ELynx Scout Interceptor
LDRLCALocal Defense Cruiser
LDRLFFLocal Defense Frigate
LDRLNLancer Destroyer
LDRLTTLight Tactical Transport
LDRMPMilitary Police Corvette
LDRMPPLight PF Tender
LDRMPTMilitary Police Transport Corvette
LDRMPEMilitary Police Escort (and MPA)
LDRMPMMilitary Police Minesweeper
LDRMPSMilitary Police Scout
LDRMPVMilitary Police Carrier
LDRMPXAdvanced Military Police Corvette
LDRNCANew Heavy Cruiser
LDRNCCNew Command Cruiser
LDRNCVNew Medium Carrier
LDRP-B4Battle Pod (Purchased Klingon Pod)
LDRP-C1Cargo Pod (Purchased Klingon Pod)
LDRPEPolice Escort (and PEA)
LDRPGCPegasus Light Cruiser
LDRP-H5Hangar Pod (Purchased Klingon Pod)
LDRPOLPolice Corvette
LDRP-P2Power Boost Pod (Purchased Klingon Pod)
LDRP-R9Repair Pod (Purchased Klingon Pod)
LDRPSCPolice Scout
LDRP-T3Troop Transport Pod (Purchased Klingon Pod)
LDRPVPolice Carrier
LDRRNRanger Heavy Cruiser
LDRSCXAdvanced Scout
LDRSTJSingle-Tooth Jaguar War Mauler
MaesronCAMaesron CA
MaesronCAFFire Support Cruiser
MaesronCBAMaesron CBA
MaesronCLMaesron CL
MaesronCLEEscort Light Cruiser
MaesronCVSMaesron CVS
MaesronDNMaesron DN
MaesronDVMaesron DV
MaesronFBSSmall Battle Freighter
MaesronFFMaesron FF
MaesronFFNMaesron FFN
MaesronFGB-SSmall Fighter Ground Base
MaesronFGB-MMedium Fighter Ground Base
MaesronGPCPlanetary Control Base
MaesronGPFSmall PF Ground Base
MaesronHBPHeavy Battle Pod
MaesronHCPHeavy Cargo Pod
MaesronHSPHeavy Support Pod
MaesronHVPHeavy Carrier Pod
MaesronLBPLight Battle Pod
MaesronLCPLight Cargo Pod
MaesronLDPLight Defense Pod
MaesronLMPLight Missile Pod
MaesronLPPLight Power Pod
MaesronLRPLight Repair Pod
MaesronLSPLight Shield Pod
MaesronLTPLight Troop Pod
MaesronLWPLight Warning Pod
MaesronLVPLight Carrier Pod
MaesronLYPLight Survey Pod
MaesronLXPLight Express Pod
MaesronMPFFast Patrol Ship Missile
MaesronPFFast Patrol Ship
MaesronPFCCargo Fast Patrol Ship
MaesronPFFFighter-Conveyor Fast Patrol Ship
MaesronPFGGround Assault Fast Patrol Ship
MaesronPFLFast Patrol Ship Leader
MaesronPFMMine Warfare Fast Patrol Ship
MaesronPFQSurvey Fast Patrol Ship
MaesronPFRRecovery Fast Patrol Ship
MaesronPFSFast Patrol Ship Scout
MaesronOBMaesron OB
MaesronSCMMaesron SCM
MaesronSCSSpace Control Ship
MaesronSRMaesron SR
MaesronTGHHeavy Tug
MaesronTGLLight Tug
MaesronVBRMaesron VBR
OrionARAttack Raider
OrionBARBarbarian Heavy PF
OrionBAR-CBarbarian Heavy Cargo PF
OrionBAR-FBarbarian Heavy Fi-Con PF
OrionBAR-GBarbarian Heavy Ground Assault PF
OrionBAR-LBarbarian Heavy PF Leader
OrionBAR-MBarbarian Heavy Mine Warfare PF
OrionBAR-SBarbarian Heavy Scout PF
OrionBCHHeavy Battlecruiser
OrionBCSBattle Control Ship
OrionBCVBattle Carrier
OrionBHPHeavy Battle PF Tender
OrionBHVHeavy Battle Raider Carrier
OrionBRBattle raider
OrionBRCBattle Commando Raider
OrionBRDDouble Battle Raider
OrionBRGBrigand Interceptor
OrionBRHHeavy Battle Raider
OrionBRMBattle Raider Mauler
OrionBRPBattle PF Tender
OrionBRXAdvanced Battle Raider
OrionBUCBuccaneer PF
OrionBUC-CBuccaneer Cargo PF
OrionBUC-FBuccaneer Fi-Con PF
OrionBUC-GBuccaneer Ground Assault PF
OrionBUC-LBuccaneer PF Leader
OrionBUC-MBuccaneer Mine Warfare PF
OrionBUC-QSurvey PF
OrionBUC-RBuccaneer Recovery PF
OrionBUC-SBuccaneer PF Scout
OrionCAHeavy Cruiser
OrionCRRaider Cruiser
OrionCRXAdvanced Raider Cruiser
OrionCSVScout Carrier
OrionCVFleet Carrier
OrionCVAHeavy Carrier
OrionCVDInterdiction Carrier
OrionCVLLight Carrier
OrionCVPPatrol Carrier
OrionCVSStrike Carrier
OrionCXAdvanced Heavy Cruiser
OrionDBPDouble Raider PF Tender
OrionDBRDouble Raider
OrionDBRXAdvanced Double Raider
OrionDCRDouble Raider Cruiser
OrionDNHHeavy Dreadnought
OrionDNLLight Dreadnought
OrionDNPPrivateer Dreadnought
OrionDVNational Police Escort Carrier
OrionDWWar Destroyer
OrionDWPLight PF Tender
OrionDWSWar Destroyer Scout
OrionDWVMobile Carrier
OrionDWXAdvanced War Destroyer
OrionFCRFast Carrier Resupply Raider
OrionFLGNational Police Flagship
OrionGLRGunfighter Raider
OrionHBRHeavy Battle Raider
OrionHDWHeavy War Destroyer
OrionHDWXAdvanced Heavy War Destroyer
OrionHRHeavy Raider
OrionLRLight Raider
OrionLRSLight Raider Scout
OrionLVSLight Strike Carrier
OrionLXAdvanced Light Raider
OrionMRMedium Raider Cruiser
OrionOFTFree Traitor
OrionOK6Cruiser (OPC Conquest)
OrionOK6DDrone Cruiser
OrionOK6GCommando Cruiser
OrionOK6HHeavy Battlecruiser
OrionOPTPrime Traitor
OrionPFTPF Tender
OrionPFXAdvanced PF Tender
OrionSALSalvage Cruiser
OrionSAXAdvanced Salvage Cruiser
OrionSCSSpace Control Ship
OrionSGSSalvage Control Ship
OrionSLXAdvanced Slaver
OrionSVLSlaver Light Carrier
OrionTUGHeavy Fleet Transport Tug
OrionVIKViking Commando Ship
OrionWCANational Guard Heavy Cruiser
OrionWCLNational Guard Light Cruiser
OrionWDDNational Guard Destroyer (and WDR)
OrionWRWar Raider
OrionYCANational Guard Early Heavy Cruiser
OrionYCREarly Raider Cruiser
OrionYLREarly Light Raider
OrionYSLEarly Slaver
OrionYVKEarly Viking Commando Ship
RomulanBEVBattle Eagle Medium Carrier (3rd Gen)
RomulanBHBattlehawk Destroyer (3rd Gen)
RomulanBHBBattlehawk-B Destroyer Leader (3rd Gen)
RomulanBHEBattlehawk-E Carrier Escort (3rd Gen)
RomulanBHFBattlehawk-F Fast Carrier Resupply Ship (3rd Gen)
RomulanBHXAdvanced Battlehawk Destroyer (3rd Gen)
RomulanBTBattle Tug
RomulanCECommando Eagle (3rd Gen)
RomulanCENCenturion PF
RomulanCEN-CCenturion Cargo PF
RomulanCEN-ECenturion-E Escort PF
RomulanCEN-FCenturion-F Fi-Con PF
RomulanCEN-GCenturion-G Ground Assault PF
RomulanCEN-LCenturion-L PF Leader
RomulanCEN-MCenturion-M Mine Warfare PF
RomulanCEN-RCenturion-R Recovery PF
RomulanCEN-SCenturion-S Scout PF
RomulanCEN-QCenturian Survey PF
RomulanCHChickenhawk PF Tender
RomulanCLLight Cruiser (Captured Federation)
RomulanCNHCondor-H Heavy Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
RomulanCNMCondor-M Mauler Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
RomulanCNVCondor-V Heavy Carrier (3rd Gen)
RomulanCOHCommando Hawk
RomulanCONDORCondor Dreadnought
RomulanDEDouble Eagle
RomulanDECDecurion Interceptor
RomulanDEC-EDecurion-E Scout Interceptor
RomulanDEC-FDecurion-F Fi-Con Interceptor
RomulanDMHDemonhawk Modular Dreadnought
RomulanEBSEarly Base Station (Y140)
RomulanFABFarhawk-B Heavy Carrier
RomulanFAKFarhawk-K Heavy Cruiser
RomulanFALFalcon Mauler
RomulanFA-UFarhawk-U Area Control Ship
RomulanFALXAdvanced Falcon Mauler
RomulanFEFreight Eagle (3rd Gen)
RomulanFFHFasthawk-A Cruiser (and FFH-K)
RomulanFHFirehawk-A Heavy Cruiser (and FH-K) (3rd Gen)
RomulanFH-BFirehawk-B Strike Carrier (3rd Gen)
RomulanFH-CFirehawk-C Heavy Scout (3rd Gen)
RomulanFH-EFirehawk-E PF Tender (3rd Gen)
RomulanFH-FFlamehawk Mauler Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanFH-MFirehawk-M Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanFH-PPeregrine New Mauler Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanFH-TFirehawk-T Fleet Tug (3rd Gen)
RomulanFH-XFirehawk-X Advanced Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanFH-ZFlambehawk Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanFHEXAdvanced Firehawk PF Tender (3rd Gen)
RomulanFHFXAdvanced Flamehawk Mauler Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanFLGPolice Flagship
RomulanF-PalCargo Sled Pallet
RomulanFRTSublight Freighter
RomulanFSPFast Sparrowhawk-A Light Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanGSESirhawk Gunfighter Frigate
RomulanHFAKing Falcon Heavy Mauler
RomulanHKRHeavy War Cruiser
RomulanH-SHawk Destroyer (ALL VERSIONS)
RomulanHSEScreech Owl Heavy Scout (3rd Gen)
RomulanICVImperial Condor Heavy Carrier
RomulanJHJayhawk Battle Frigate
RomulanK10RBattleship (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanK10SStellar Domination Ship (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanK10VBattleship Carrier (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanK4DEscort (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanK4FFast Carrier Resupply Ship
RomulanK4RBattle Escort (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanK5CDestroyer (and K5L) (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanK5DEscort (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanK5MMinehunter (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanK5RFrigate (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanK5SScout (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanK5SXAdvanced Scout (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanK5WWar Destroyer
RomulanK5XAdvanced Frigate (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanK7RBattlecruiser (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanK7VStrike Carrier (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanK7XAdvanced Cruiser (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanK9RDreadnought (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKBKingbird Early Command Cruiser (ALL VERSIONS)
RomulanKCNKing Condor Battleship
RomulanKCRHeavy Battlecruiser (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKCWWar Destroyer Leader
RomulanKD4Cruiser (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKDAEscort Cruiser (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKDRCruiser (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKDSCruiser (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKDVCarrier (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKEKing Eagle Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanKE6Battle Frigate
RomulanKE7Medium Cruiser
RomulanKEVKing Eagle-V Medium Carrier
RomulanKEWEscort War Destroyer
RomulanKEXKing Eagle-X Advanced Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanKFALKing Falcon Mauler
RomulanKF4Frigate (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKFRBattle Frigate (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKGWCommando War Destroyer
RomulanKHKillerhawk Super-Heavy Cruiser (A and K)
RomulanKMWMinesweeper War Destroyer
RomulanKPWLight PF Tender
RomulanKRCruiser (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKRCCommand Cruiser (and KRL) (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKREExploration Cruiser (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKRGCommando Cruiser (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKRMMauler Cruiser (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKRMXAdvanced Mauler
RomulanKRPPF Tender (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKRSScout Cruiser (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKRTTug (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKRT+P-SCRomulan Scout Tug
RomulanKRUInterdiction Carrier
RomulanKRVCarrier (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKRWFast Carrier Resupply War Destroyer
RomulanKSHKing Shrike Light Battleship
RomulanKSWWar Destroyer Scout
RomulanKTWWar Destroyer Transport
RomulanKVWMobile Carrier
RomulanKXWAdvanced War Destroyer
RomulanKVLKing Vulture Early Dreadnought (and WVL)
RomulanKWRNew Heavy Cruiser (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKWSNew Scout Cruiser (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanKWVStrike Carrier (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanLMNLight Monitor
RomulanL-QLarge Q-Ship
RomulanMGHMegahawk Dreadnought
RomulanNHBNovahawk-B Strike Carrier
RomulanNHKNovahawk-K Command Cruiser
RomulanNHXAdvanced Novahawk Command Cruiser
RomulanOMHOmnihawk Light Dreadnought
RomulanP-BBattle Pod (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanP-C1Cargo Pod (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanPELPelican Minesweeper
RomulanP-HVHeavy Fighter Resupply Pod (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanPHXPheonix Space Control Ship (3rd Gen)
RomulanP-PFPF Tender Pod (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanP-PKPF Tender Pod-K (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanP-PTPF Transport Pod (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanP-RRepair Pod (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanP-SCScout Pod (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanP-SDSelf Defense Pod (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanP-TTTroop Transport Pod (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanP-VHangar Pod (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanP-VAHeavy Carrier Pod (Purchased Klingon Ship)
RomulanQCEQueen Commando Eagle
RomulanQFEQueen Freight Eagle
RomulanQPEQueen Owl Survey Scout
RomulanRERegent Eagle Command Cruiser
RomulanREBEarly Medium Bomber Base
RomulanRFGB-SEarly Small Fighter Ground Base (And RPFGB-S)
RomulanRFGB-MEarly Medium Fighter Ground Base (And RPFGB-M)
RomulanRG-BRegalhawk-B Strike Carrier
RomulanRG-CRegalhawk-C Heavy Scout
RomulanRG-ERegalhawk-E PF Tender
RomulanRG-KRegalhawk-K Heavy Cruiser
RomulanRH-KRoyalhawk-K Command Cruiser
RomulanRHBEarly Medium Heavy Fighter Ground Base
RomulanRHB-SEarly Small Heavy Fighter Ground Base
RomulanRHFMEarly Heavy Fighter Hangar Bay Module
RomulanRINRomulan Intruder
RomulanRK-HRegent Hawk Heavy Assault Cruiser
RomulanROCOptimized Condor Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
RomulanSABXAdvanced Saberhawk Heavy War Destroyer
RomulanSBHSaberhawk Heavy War Destroyer
RomulanSBSEarly Base Station (Y66)
RomulanSEScout Eagle (and PE) (3rd Gen)
RomulanSEASeahawk-A Frigate (3rd Gen)
RomulanSEBSeahawk-B Escort Carrier (3rd Gen)
RomulanSECSeahawk-C Scout Frigate (3rd Gen)
RomulanSEDSeahawk-D Escort Frigate (and SEE) (3rd Gen)
RomulanSEGSeahawk-G Commando Frigate (3rd Gen)
RomulanSELSeahawk-L Frigate Leader (3rd Gen)
RomulanSEXSeahawk-AX Advanced Frigate (3rd Gen)
RomulanSHHSeahawk-H Transport Frigate (3rd Gen)
RomulanSHRShrike Light Dreadnought
RomulanSHXShrike-X Light Raiding Dreadnought
RomulanSKASkyhawk-A Destroyer (3rd Gen)
RomulanSKA-MODSkyhawk-A Destroyer Module
RomulanSKBSkyhawk-B Light Carrier (3rd Gen)
RomulanSKB-MODSkyhawk-B Light Carrier Module
RomulanSKCSkyhawk-C PF Tender (3rd Gen)
RomulanSKC-MODSkyhawk-C PF Tender Module
RomulanSKDSkyhawk-D Minesweeper (3rd Gen)
RomulanSKD-MODSkyhawk-D Minesweeper Module
RomulanSKESkyhawk-E Escort (and SKEA) (3rd Gen)
RomulanSKFSkyhawk-F Scout (3rd Gen)
RomulanSKF-MODSkyhawk-F Scout Module
RomulanSKGSkyhawk-G Commando Destroyer (3rd Gen)
RomulanSKG-MODSkyhawk-G Commando Destroyer Module
RomulanSKHSkyhawk-H Cargo Transport (3rd Gen)
RomulanSKH-MODSkyhawk-H Cargo Transport Module
RomulanSKKSkyhawk-K Destroyer (3rd Gen)
RomulanSKK-MODSkyhawk-K Destroyer Module
RomulanSKLSkyhawk-L Destroyer Leader (3rd Gen)
RomulanSKRFast Carrier Resupply Ship (3rd Gen)
RomulanSKSXSkyhawk-FX Advanced Scout (3rd Gen)
RomulanSKXSkyhawk-AX Advanced Destroyer (3rd Gen)
RomulanSLH-AStellarhawk-A Heavy Modular PF
RomulanSLH-BStellarhawk-B Heavy Modular PF
RomulanSLH-CStellarhawk-C Heavy Cargo PF
RomulanSLH-DStellarhawk-D Heavy Plasma Rack PF
RomulanSLH-EStellarhawk-E Heavy Escort PF
RomulanSLH-FStellarhawk-F Heavy Fi-Con PF
RomulanSLH-GStellarhawk-G Heavy Ground Assault PF
RomulanSLH-LStellarhawk-L Heavy Modular PF Leader
RomulanSLH-MStellarhawk-M Heavy Mine Warfare PF
RomulanSLH-SStellarhawk-S Heavy Scout PF
RomulanSNASnipe-A Frigate (and SNP) (3rd Gen)
RomulanSNBSnipe-B Battle Frigate (3rd Gen)
RomulanSNCSnipe-C Battle Frigate Leader (3rd Gen)
RomulanSNESnipe-E Escort Frigate (3rd Gen)
RomulanSNPRSnipe-R Torpedo Frigate (3rd Gen)
RomulanSNSSnipe Early Frigate (ALL VERSIONS) (3rd Gen)
RomulanSNVSnipe-V Police Carrier (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPASparrowhawk-A Light Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPA-MODSparrowhawk-A Light Cruiser Modules
RomulanSPBSparrowhawk-B Carrier (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPB-MODSparrowhawk-B Carrier Modules
RomulanSPCSparrowhawk-C Scout Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPC-MODSparrowhawk-C Scout Cruiser Modules
RomulanSPCXAdvanced Sparrowhawk Scout Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPDSparrowhawk-D Minesweeper (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPD-MODSparrowhawk-D Minesweeper Modules
RomulanSPESparrowhawk-E PF Tender (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPE-MODSparrowhawk-E PF Tender Modules
RomulanSPEXAdvanced Sparrowhawk PF Tender (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPFSparrowhawk-F Mauler Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPGSparrowhawk-G Commando Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPG-MODSparrowhawk-G Commando Cruiser Modules
RomulanSPHSparrowhawk-H Priority Transport (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPH-MODSparrowhawk-H Priority Transport Modules
RomulanSPJSparrowhawk-J Assault Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPK-MODSparrowhawk-K Light Cruiser Modules
RomulanSPLSparrowhawk-L Light Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPL-MODSparrowhawk-L Light Command Cruiser Modules
RomulanSPMSparrowhawk-M Escort Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPM-MODSparrowhawk-M Escort Cruiser Modules
RomulanSPRSparrowhawk-R Repair Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPR-MODSparrowhawk-R Repair Cruiser Modules
RomulanSPTSparrowhawk-T Light Tactical Transport (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPUSparrowhawk-U Scout Carrier (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPU-MODSparrowhawk-U Scout Carrier Modules
RomulanSPUXAdvanced Sparrowhawk Scout Carrier (3rd Gen)
RomulanSPXSparrowhawk-AX Advanced Light Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanS-QSmall Q-Ship
RomulanSTFStellar Fortress
RomulanSTH-AStarhawk-A PF
RomulanSTH-BStarhawk-B PF
RomulanSTH-CStarhawk-C Cargo PF
RomulanSTH-DStarhawk-D Plasma Rack PF
RomulanSTH-EStarhawk-E Escort PF
RomulanSTH-FStarhawk-F Fi-Con PF
RomulanSTH-GStarhawk-G Ground Assault PF
RomulanSTH-LStarhawk-L PF Leader
RomulanSTH-MStarhawk-M Mine Warfare PF
RomulanSTH-SStarhawk-S Scout PF
RomulanSUBSuperhawk-B Heavy Carrier
RomulanSUNSuperhawk-N Battle Carrier
RomulanSUN-MODSuperhawk-N Battle Carrier Modules
RomulanSUPSuperhawk-A Command Cruiser (and SUP-K)
RomulanSUUSuperhawk-U Division Control Ship
RomulanSVLBolted Vulture Early Dreadnought
RomulanSWBBolted War Bird Cruiser
RomulanTCSTyrant Condor Stellar Domination Ship
RomulanTHThunderhawk Battle Control Ship
RomulanVHKViperhawk Interdiction Carrier
RomulanVLVVulture-V Heavy Carrier
RomulanVULEarly Vulture (ALL VERSIONS)
RomulanWBWarbird Cruiser (ALL VERSIONS) (3rd Gen)
RomulanWBCWarbird Commando Cruiser (ALL VERSIONS)
RomulanWBFWarbird Freight Cruiser (ALL VERSIONS)
RomulanWBSEarly Base Station (Y89)
RomulanWEWar Eagle Cruiser (3rd Gen)
RomulanWHWarhawk Light Carrier
RomulanWH-SEarly Warhawk Carrier (ALL VERSIONS)
RomulanYBSEarly Base Station (119)
RomulanYDKStar Empire Dock (ALL VERSIONS)
RomulanYFAEarly Falcon Mauler
SeltorianACSArea Control Ship
SeltorianBCHHeavy Battlecruiser
SeltorianBWBattle Wagon
SeltorianCAHeavy Cruiser
SeltorianCAXAdvanced Heavy Cruiser
SeltorianCFFast Heavy Cruiser
SeltorianCLLight Cruiser
SeltorianCLEEscort Cruiser
SeltorianCLFFast Light Cruiser
SeltorianCLSLight Scout Cruiser
SeltorianCMDCommand Destroyer
SeltorianCMFCommando Frigate
SeltorianCTDDestroyer (Captured Tholian)
SeltorianCVDInterdiction Carrier
SeltorianCVPPatrol Carrier
SeltorianCVSStrike Carrier
SeltorianDCSDivision Control Ship
SeltorianDDEDestroyer Escort
SeltorianDDPLight PF Tender
SeltorianDDVMobile Carrier
SeltorianDDXAdvanced Destroyer
SeltorianDNLLight Dreadnought
SeltorianEHCExtra Heavy Cruiser
SeltorianFCRFast Carrier Resupply Ship
SeltorianGBPCGround-Based Particle Cannon
SeltorianGFFGunfighter Frigate
SeltorianHCLHeavy Light Cruiser
SeltorianHDDHeavy Destroyer
SeltorianHORHornet Heavy PF
SeltorianHOR-CHornet-C Heavy Cargo PF
SeltorianHOR-FHornet-F Heavy Fi-Con PF
SeltorianHOR-GHornet-G Ground Assault PF
SeltorianHOR-LHornet-L Heavy PF Leader
SeltorianHOR-MHornet-M Heavy Mine Warfare PF
SeltorianHOR-PHornet-P Phaser Heavy PF
SeltorianHOR-SHornet-S Heavy Scout PF
SeltorianHVSHive Ship
SeltorianL-QLarge Q-Ship
SeltorianLMNSeltorian LMN
SeltorianLTTLight Tactical Transport
SeltorianNATHeavy Cruiser (Captured Neo-Tholian)
SeltorianNCANew Heavy Cruiser
SeltorianNCLNew Light Cruiser
SeltorianNSCNew Heavy Scout Cruiser
SeltorianNSTNest Ship
SeltorianNVSNew Strike Carrier
SeltorianP-B4Battle Pod (Purchased Klingon Pod)
SeltorianPCLLight Penal Cruiser
SeltorianPDNPocket Dreadnought
SeltorianPFFast Patrol Ship
SeltorianPFCCargo PF
SeltorianPFGGround Assault PF
SeltorianPFLPF Leader
SeltorianPFMMine Warfare PF
SeltorianPFRRecovery PF
SeltorianPFQSurvey PF
SeltorianPFPPhaser-Armed PF
SeltorianPFSScout PF
SeltorianPFTPF Tender
SeltorianSCScout Destroyer
SeltorianS-QSmall Q-Ship
SeltorianSRSurvey Cruiser
SeltorianTUGFleet Transport
TholianArArachnid PF
TholianAr-CArachnid Cargo PF
TholianARDArachnoid Heavy PF
TholianARD-CArachnoid Heavy Cargo PF
TholianARD-FArachnoid Heavy Fi-Con PF
TholianARD-GArachnoid Heavy Ground Assault PF
TholianARD-LArachnoid Heavy PF Leader
TholianARD-MArachnoid Heavy Mine Warfare PF
TholianARD-SArachnoid Heavy Scout PF
TholianARD-WArachnoud Heavy Web PF
TholianAr-FArachnid Fi-Con PF
TholianAr-GArachnid Ground Assault PF
TholianAr-LArachnid PF Leader
TholianAr-MArachnid Mine Warfare PF
TholianAr-PArachnid Phaser PF
TholianAr-PLArachnid Phaser PF Leader
TholianAr-PWArachnid Phaser Web PF
TholianAr-QArachnid Survey PF
TholianAr-RArachnid Recovery PF
TholianAr-SArachnid Scout PF
TholianAr-WArachnid Web PF
TholianATGCombat Tug
TholianAWTArmed Web Tender (3rd Gen)
TholianBBPPhoton Battleship
TholianB-PBattle Pack
TholianBWBlack Widow Carrier
TholianCCruiser (3rd Gen)
TholianCAHeavy Cruiser (and CAW) (3rd Gen)
TholianCAMCruiser Mauler (3rd Gen)
TholianCANNew Heavy Cruiser
TholianCAPPhoton-Armed Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
TholianCAXAdvanced Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
TholianCCCommand Cruiser (and CCW) (3rd Gen)
TholianCCHHeavy Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
TholianCCPPhoton-Armed Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
TholianCCXAdvanced Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
TholianCHPNew Heavy Photon War Cruiser
TholianCMCCommando Patrol Corvette
TholianCWPXAdvanced PF Tender
TholianCWXAdvanced War Cruiser
TholianCoMNeo-Tholian Command Module
TholianC-PCargo Pack
TholianCPAHeavy Phaser Cruiser (3rd Gen)
TholianCPCCargo Patrol Corvette
TholianCPFCargo Pod (Purchased Federation Pod)
TholianCPNNew Photon Heavy Cruiser
TholianCPXAdvanced Photon Command Cruiser (3rd Gen)
TholianCSCHeavy Cruiser (Captured Seltorian)
TholianCSDDestroyer (Captured Seltorian)
TholianCSVScout Carrier
TholianCTCommando Transport
TholianCVAHeavy Carrier (3rd Gen)
TholianCWWar Cruiser
TholianCWAWar Escort Cruiser
TholianCWHHeavy War Cruiser
TholianCWLWar Cruiser Leader
TholianCWMWar Minesweeper
TholianCWPPhoton War Cruiser
TholianCWSWar Cruiser Scout
TholianCWVWar Cruiser Carrier
TholianDDreadnought (3rd Gen)
TholianD(REV)Dreadnought (Revised)
TholianDD(PIN)Tholian DD Pinwheel
TholianDDPPhoton Destroyer
TholianDDSScout Destroyer
TholianDDVLight Carrier Destroyer
TholianDDXAdvanced Destroyer
TholianDEEscort Destroyer
TholianDHHeavy Dreadnought (and DHW) (3rd Gen)
TholianDH(REV)Heavy Dreadnought (and DHW) (Revised)
TholianDNSDreadnought Space Control Ship (3rd Gen)
TholianDNS(REV)Dreadnought Space Control Ships (Revised)
TholianDNVDreadnought Carrier (3rd Gen)
TholianDNV(REV)Dreadnought Carrier (Revised)
TholianDPPhoton-Armed Dreadnought (and DPW) (3rd Gen)
TholianDP(REV)Photon Dreadnought (and DPW) (Revised)
TholianDPCDisruptor-Armed Patrol Corvette (and DPC+)
TholianDPXAdvanced Photon Destroyer
TholianFCoMNeo-Tholian Flag Command Module
TholianFCRFast Carrier Resupply Corvette
TholianGNFNeo-Tholian Gunfighter Frigate
TholianHCWWar Cruiser Heavy
TholianHDWHeavy War Destroyer
TholianHDWXAdvanced Heavy War Destroyer
TholianHWTHeavy Web Tender (3rd Gen)
TholianINTScorpion Interceptor
TholianINT-EScorpion EW Interceptor
TholianINT-FScorpion Fi-Con Interceptor
TholianLCMLight Command Module
TholianLMNLight Monitor
TholianL-QLarge Q-Ship
TholianLTTLight Tactical Transport
TholianLWTLarge Web Tender
TholianNBBNeo-Tholian Battleship (3rd Gen)
TholianNBB ColNeo-Tholian Battleship Collar
TholianNBSNeo-Tholian Stellar Domination Ship (3rd Gen)
TholianNBVNeo-Tholian Battleship Carrier (3rd Gen)
TholianNCANeo-Tholian Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
TholianNCHNeo-Tholian Heavy Command Cruiser
TholianNCLNeo-Tholian Light Cruiser (3rd Gen)
TholianNCMNeo-Tholian Medium Cruiser
TholianNCVNeo-Tholian Strike Carrier (3rd Gen)
TholianNCXNeo-Tholian Advanced Heavy Cruiser
TholianNDDNeo-Tholian Destroyer (Home Galaxy Version) (3rd Gen)
TholianNDHNeo-Tholian Heavy Destroyer
TholianNDNNeo-Tholian Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
TholianNFFNeo-Tholian Frigate (Home Galaxy Version) (3rd Gen)
TholianNFHNeo-Tholian Heavy Frigate
TholianNHDNeo-Tholian Heavy Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
TholianNHDNeo-Tholian Heavy Dreadnought
TholianNLXNeo-Tholian Advanced Light Cruiser
TholianNPDNeo-Tholianized Destroyer
TholianNSCSNeo-Tholian Space Control Ship (3rd Gen)
TholianNSRNeo-Tholian Survey Cruiser
TholianNTGNeo-Tholian Fleet Transport Tug
TholianP1-PPhaser Pack
TholianP-BBattle Pod
TholianPAXAdvanced Photon Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
TholianPCPatrol Corvette (and PC+)
TholianPCEEscort Patrol Carrier (and PCA)
TholianPCXAdvanced Patrol Corvette
TholianPDDPolice Destroyer
TholianPDWPolice War Destroyer
TholianP-FCFHeavy Fighter FCR Pod
TholianPFTPF Tender
TholianPFWWar PF Tender
TholianP-HVLHeavy Fighter Pod
TholianPOLPolice Cutter
TholianP-PPower Pack
TholianPPCPhoton-Armed Patrol Corvette
TholianP-PFPF Tender Pod
TholianPRRepair Ship
TholianP-RRepair Pod
TholianP-SCScout Pod
TholianP-SDSelf-Defense Pod
TholianP-SLStarliner Pod
TholianP-TTroop Transport Pod
TholianPVPolice Carrier
TholianP-VAHeavy Carrier Pod
TholianR-PRepair Pack
TholianSCoMNeo-Tholian Space Control Command Module
TholianSCXAdvanced Scout
TholianSD-PSelf-Defense Pack
TholianSDSStellar Domination Ship
TholianS-QSmall Q-Ship
TholianSTFStellar Fortress
TholianT-PTroop Pack
TholianTKWWar Destroyer
TholianWTWeb Tender (3rd Gen)
TholianYBSEarly Base Station
TholianYDKHoldfast Dock
TrobrinCAHeavy Cruiser
TrobrinCBBolt Cruiser
TrobrinCCCommand Cruiser
TrobrinCSVScout Carrier
TrobrinCTTorpedo Cruiser
TrobrinDCSDivision Control Ship
TrobrinDSNDeep Space Dreadnought
TrobrinFBBolt Frigate
TrobrinFFLFrigate Leader
TrobrinFFSFrigate Scout
TrobrinPFTPF Tender
TrobrinSCSSpace Control Ship
TrobrinSSSmall Station
TrobrinGPFSmall Ground PF Base
TrobrinGPCPlanetary Control Base
TrobrinPFFast Patrol Ship
TrobrinTPFTorpedo PF
TrobrinPFLPF Leader
TrobrinTPFLTorpedo PF Leader
TrobrinPFSPF Scout
TrobrinPFCCargo PF
TrobrinPFFFi-Con PF
TrobrinPFGLanding PF
TrobrinPFMMine Warfare PF
TrobrinPFRRecovery PF
TrobrinPFQSurvey PF
VariCAHeavy Cruiser
VariCAPProbe Cruiser
VariCCCommand Cruiser
VariCLLight Cruiser
VariCLCLight Command Cruiser
VariCLELight Escort Cruiser
VariCTTorpedo Cruiser
VariFFEEscort Frigate
VariFFLFrigate Leader
VariFFSFrigate Scout
VariFHHeavy Frigate
VariFTTorpedo Frigate
VariFVSLight Scout Carrier
VariGPCPlanetary Control Base
VariGPFSmall Ground PF Base
VariLBLivery Base
VariPFFast Patrol Ship
VariPFCCargo PF
VariPFFFi-Con PF
VariPFGLanding PF
VariPFLLeader PF
VariPFMMine PF
VariPFPParticle Splitter Torpedo PF
VariPFQSurvey PF
VariPFRRecovery PF
VariPFTPF Tender
VariSCSSpace Control Ship
VariWCWing Cruiser
VudarBMBMedium Bomber Base
VudarBCHHeavy Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
VudarCAHeavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
VudarCCCommand Cruiser (3rd Gen)
VudarCCXAdvanced Command Cruiser
VudarCFFCommando Frigate (3rd Gen)
VudarCLLight Cruiser (3rd Gen)
VudarCVSStrike Carrier (3rd Gen)
VudarCWWar Cruiser (3rd Gen)
VudarCWEEscort War Cruiser (3rd Gen)
VudarCWFFast War Cruiser
VudarCWGCommando War Cruiser
VudarCWLWar Cruiser Leader (3rd Gen)
VudarCWMWar Cruiser Minesweeper (3rd Gen)
VudarCWSWar Cruiser Scout
VudarCWVWar Cruiser Carrier (3rd Gen)
VudarCWXAdvanced Light Cruiser (3rd Gen)
VudarDDDestroyer (3rd Gen)
VudarDCSDivision Control Ship (3rd Gen)
VudarDNDreadnought (3rd Gen)
VudarDWWar Destroyer (3rd Gen)
VudarDWEEscort War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
VudarDWLWar Destroyer Leader (3rd Gen)
VudarDWPWar Destroyer PF Tender (3rd Gen)
VudarDWP2Light PF Tender
VudarDWSWar Destroyer Scout (3rd Gen)
VudarDWVWar Destroyer Carrier (3rd Gen)
VudarDWXAdvanced Destroyer (3rd Gen)
VudarFCRFast Carrier Resupply Ship
VudarFFFrigate (3rd Gen)
VudarFFEEscort Frigate (3rd Gen)
VudarFFLFrigate Leader (3rd Gen)
VudarFFVEscort Carrier (3rd Gen)
VudarFFWWar Frigate (3rd Gen)
VudarFLGPolice Flagship (3rd Gen)
VudarGBICGround Based Ion Cannon
VudarHACHeavy Auxiliary Cruiser
VudarHCWHeavy War Cruiser
VudarHDWHeavy War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
VudarISSSmall Ion Storm Station (3rd Gen)
VudarLACLarge Auxiliary Cruiser
VudarL-QLarge Q-Ship
VudarLMNVudar LMN
VudarLTTLight Tactical Transport (3rd Gen)
VudarMISSMobile Ion Storm Station (3rd Gen)
VudarP-B4Battle Pod (3rd Gen)
VudarP-C1Cargo Pod (3rd Gen)
VudarPFFast Patrol Ship
VudarPFCCargo PF
VudarPFFFi-Con PF
VudarPFGGround Assault PF
VudarPFLLeader PF
VudarPFMMine Warfare PF
VudarPFQSurvey PF
VudarPFRRecovery PF
VudarPFSScout PF
VudarP-M11Hangar Pod (3rd Gen)
VudarP-P2Power-Boost Pod (3rd Gen)
VudarP-T3Troop Transport Pod (3rd Gen)
VudarSACSmall Auxiliary Cruiser
VudarS-QSmall Q-Ship
VudarSCXAdvanced Scout
VudarSRSurvey Cruiser (3rd Gen)
General-LMCComPlatCommercial Platform
General-LMCTUGCivilian Tug
General-LMCC-PINCivilian Pinnace
General-LMCC-PIN-CCivilian Pinnace (with Cargo Pack)
General-LMCC-PIN-RCivilian Pinnace (with Repair Pack)
General-LMCM-PINMilitary Pinnace
General-LMCM-PIN-CMilitary Pinnace (with Cargo Pack)
General-LMCM-PIN-MLMilitary Pinnace (with Minelaying Pack)
General-LMCM-PIN-RMilitary Pinnace (with Repair Pack)
General-LMCM-PIN-SDMilitary Pinnace (with Self Defense Pack)
General-LMCM-PIN-SRMilitary Pinnace (with Survey Pack)
General-LMCM-PIN-TMilitary Pinnace (with Commando Pack)
General-LMCGBMLGround Based Medium Laser
General-LMCGBHLGround Based Heavy Laser
General-LMCLSYLarge Asteroid Shipyard
General-LMCSSYSmall Asteroid Shipyard
General-LMCP-CCargo Pack
General-LMCP-MLMinelaying Pack
General-LMCP-RRepair Pack
General-LMCP-SDSelf Defense Pack
General-LMCP-SRSurvey Pack
General-LMCP-TCommando Pack
General-LMCPod-CCargo Pod
General-LMCPod-RRepair Pod
BaduvaiCSStrike Cruiser
BaduvaiCAHeavy Cruiser
BaduvaiCLLight Cruiser
BaduvaiYSREarly Survey Vessel
BaduvaiSRSurvey Vessel
BaduvaiYDDEarly Destroyer
BaduvaiDDGCommando Destroyer
BaduvaiFFBBattle Frigate
BaduvaiFFIImproved Frigate
BaduvaiFFSFrigate Scout
BaduvaiFFDBombardment Frigate
BaduvaiYCTOld Police Corvette
BaduvaiCTPolice Corvette
BaduvaiCWWar Cruiser
BaduvaiCWDBombardment War Cruiser
BaduvaiDWWar Destroyer
BaduvaiDWDBombardment War Destroyer
BaduvaiDWSWar Destroyer Scout
BaduvaiDWGCommando War Destroyer
BaduvaiDWPOutrider Tender
BaduvaiMBMobile Base
BaduvaiBSBase Station
BaduvaiWBWar Base
BaduvaiGCPAGround Based CPA-3
BaduvaiDefSat-CDefense Sattelite CP-2
BaduvaiOUTOutrider PF
BaduvaiOUT-LLaser Armed Outrider PF
EneenBDDBattle Destroyer
EneenBSBase Station
EneenCAHeavy Cruiser
EneenCLLight Cruiser
EneenCTPPlasma Corvette
EneenCTSCorvette Scout
EneenDDGCommando Destroyer
EneenDefSat-EDefense Sattelite Plasma-E
EneenDefSat-NDefense Sattelite Neutron Beam
EneenDWWar Destroyer
EneenDWCCommand War Destroyer
EneenDWPPlasma War Destroyer
EneenDWSWar Destroyer Scout
EneenFFGCommando Frigate
EneenFFPPlasma Frigate
EneenFFSFrigate Scout
EneenFFSFrigate Scout
EneenGBNBGround Based Neutron Beam
EneenGBPEGround Based Plasma-E
EneenMBMobile Base
EneenNCLNew Light Cruiser
EneenNMSNew Minesweeper
EneenSRSurvey Ship
EneenWBWar Base
EneenYCLEarly Light Cruiser
EneenYCTEarly Corvette
EneenYDDEarly Destroyer
EneenYSREarly Survey Ship
MaghadimAXVAuxiliary Carrier
MaghadimBSBase Station
MaghadimCLLight Cruiser
MaghadimC-PCargo Pod
MaghadimCSVScout Carrier
MaghadimCVAAssault Carrier
MaghadimCVLLight Carrier
MaghadimCVSStrike Carrier
MaghadimDDVDestroyer Carrier
MaghadimDefSat-MMass Driver Defense Satellite
MaghadimDefSat-TTachyon Beam Defense Satellite
MaghadimDTDestroyer Transport
MaghadimFFEEscort Frigate
MaghadimFFGCommando Frigate
MaghadimFFSFrigate Scout
MaghadimGBFTRGround Based Fighter Hangers
MaghadimGBMDGround Based Mass Driver
MaghadimGBTBGround Based Tachyon Beam
MaghadimHDDHeavy Destroyer
MaghadimHDEHeavy Escort
MaghadimHDSHeavy Scout
MaghadimHVHybrid Carrier
MaghadimMBMobile Base
MaghadimSRSurvey Ship
ParavianAERAerie Remote Outpost (S-AER/W-AER/Y-AER)
ParavianAxCVALarge Auxiliary Carrier
ParavianAxCVLSmall Auxiliary Carrier
ParavianAxPFLLarge Auxiliary PF Tender
ParavianAxPFSSmall Auxiliary PF Tender
ParavianAxSCSAuxiliary Space Control Ship
ParavianBSBase Station
ParavianCAHeavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ParavianCCCommand Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ParavianCBSEarly Civilian Base Station (SCBS/CBSI/ECBS/YCBS)
ParavianCFFast Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ParavianCLLight Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ParavianCLLLight Cruiser Leader (3rd Gen)
ParavianCVSStrike Carrier (3rd Gen)
ParavianCWRaptor War Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ParavianCWARaptor War Cruiser Escort (And CWA) (3rd Gen)
ParavianCWERaptor War Cruiser Escort (And CWA) (3rd Gen)
ParavianCWFFast War Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ParavianCWGCommando War Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ParavianCWLWar Cruiser Leader (3rd Gen)
ParavianCWMWar Cruiser Minsweeper (3rd Gen)
ParavianCWPWar Cruiser Pft (3rd Gen)
ParavianCWSRaptor War Cruiser Scout (3rd Gen)
ParavianCWVWar Cruiser Carrier (3rd Gen)
ParavianDefSat-QQWT Armed Defense Satellite
ParavianDDDestroyer (3rd Gen)
ParavianDDLDestroyer Leader (3rd Gen)
ParavianDNDreadnought (3rd Gen)
ParavianDWPeregrine War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
ParavianDWAPeregrine War Destroyer Escort (And DWA) (3rd Gen)
ParavianDWEPeregrine War Destroyer Escort (And DWA) (3rd Gen)
ParavianDWGCommando Dw (3rd Gen)
ParavianDWLWar Destroyer Leader (3rd Gen)
ParavianDWMDw Minesweeper (3rd Gen)
ParavianDWPWar Destroyer Pft (3rd Gen)
ParavianDWSPeregrine War Destroyer Scout (3rd Gen)
ParavianDWTStrategic Transport (3rd Gen)
ParavianDWVMobile Carrier (3rd Gen)
ParavianFALLarge QWT Armed Freighter
ParavianFASSmall QWT Armed Freighter
ParavianFCRFast Carrier Resupply (3rd Gen)
ParavianFFGoblin Frigate (3rd Gen)
ParavianFFAGoblin Frigate Escort (And FFA) (3rd Gen)
ParavianFFEGoblin Frigate Escort (And FFA) (3rd Gen)
ParavianFFGCommando Frigate (3rd Gen)
ParavianFFLFrigate Leader (3rd Gen)
ParavianFFMMinehunter Frigate (3rd Gen)
ParavianFFSGoblin Frigate Scout (3rd Gen)
ParavianFFTTheatre Transport (3rd Gen)
ParavianFFVEscort Carrier (3rd Gen)
ParavianFLGPolice Flagship (3rd Gen)
ParavianFRDFleet Repair Dock
ParavianFTHHeavy Auxiliary Troop Transport
ParavianGBDQGround-Based Defense QWT
ParavianHABHeavy Auxiliary Bomber Barge
ParavianHACHeavy Auxiliary Cruiser
ParavianHAPHeavy Auxiliary PF Tender
ParavianHAVHeavy Auxiliary Carrier
ParavianHBD-CHummingbird-c Pf (3rd Gen)
ParavianHBD-FHummingbird-f Pf (3rd Gen)
ParavianHBD-GHummingbird-g Pf (3rd Gen)
ParavianHBD-LHummingbird-l Pf (3rd Gen)
ParavianHBD-MHummingbird-m Pf (3rd Gen)
ParavianHBD-QHummingbird-q Pf (3rd Gen)
ParavianHBD-RHummingbird-r Pf (3rd Gen)
ParavianHBD-SHummingbird-s Pf (3rd Gen)
ParavianHBDHummingbird Pf (3rd Gen)
ParavianHBP-LHummingbird-pl Pf (3rd Gen)
ParavianHBPHummingbird-p Pf (3rd Gen)
ParavianHDWWar Destroyer (3rd Gen)
ParavianHSCHeavy Auxiliary Space Control Ship
ParavianINTSongbird Interceptor (3rd Gen)
ParavianLABLarge Auxiliary Bomber Barge
ParavianL-QLarge Q-Ship
ParavianLACLarge Auxiliary Cruiser
ParavianLASLarge Auxiliary Scout
ParavianLCDLarge Naval Construction Dock
ParavianLTTLight Tactical Transport (3rd Gen)
ParavianMCDMedium Naval Construction Dock
ParavianNSTNest Defense Platform
ParavianP-BBattle Pod (3rd Gen)
ParavianP-CCargo Pod (3rd Gen)
ParavianP-HTHvy Fcr Pod (3rd Gen)
ParavianP-PFPft Pod (3rd Gen)
ParavianP-PTPt Pod (3rd Gen)
ParavianP-RRepair Pod (3rd Gen)
ParavianP-SCScout Pod (3rd Gen)
ParavianP-SCSScs Pod (3rd Gen)
ParavianP-SDSd Pod (3rd Gen)
ParavianP-TTroop Pod (3rd Gen)
ParavianP-VCarrier Pod (3rd Gen)
ParavianP-VACva Pod (3rd Gen)
ParavianPFHummingbird Fast Patrol Ship
ParavianPFCHummingbird Cargo PF
ParavianPFFHummingbird Fighter Conveyor PF
ParavianPFGHummingbird Ground Assault PF
ParavianPFLHummingbird PF Leader
ParavianPFMHummingbird Mine Warfare PF
ParavianPFPHummingbird Phaser PF
ParavianPFPLHummingbird Phaser PF Leader
ParavianPFRHummingbird Recovery PF
ParavianPFSHummingbird Scout PF
ParavianPFTRaptor-P PF Tender
ParavianPLVPolice Carrier (3rd Gen)
ParavianPOLPolice Corvette (3rd Gen)
ParavianRMSRaid Mothership
ParavianS-NSTNest Laser-Armed Defense Platform
ParavianS-QSmall Q-Ship
ParavianSACSmall Auxiliary Cruiser
ParavianSAMSystem Activity Maintenance Station
ParavianSASSmall Auxiliary Scout
ParavianSBStar Base
ParavianSCASublight Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ParavianSCDSmall Naval Construction Dock
ParavianSDDPeregrine Sublight Destroyer (3rd Gen)
ParavianSFFGoblin Sublight Frigate (3rd Gen)
ParavianSRSurvey Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ParavianSTBSector Control Base
ParavianTCCTournament Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ParavianTUGTug (3rd Gen)
ParavianWBWorkboat (3rd Gen)
ParavianWCAWarp-Refitted Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ParavianWCLRaptor Warp-Refitted Light Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ParavianWDDPeregrine Warp-Refitted Destroyer (3rd Gen)
ParavianWFFGoblin Warp-Refitted Frigate (3rd Gen)
ParavianYCAEarly Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ParavianYCLRaptor Early Light Cruiser (3rd Gen)
ParavianYDDPeregrine Early Destroyer (3rd Gen)
ParavianYDNGray Hawk Early Dreadnought
ParavianYFFGoblin Early Frigate
ParavianW-NSTNest Warp-Refitted Defense Platform
SouldraDNShadow Dreadnought
SouldraCASpectre Heavy Cruiser
SouldraCVGhost Heavy Carrier
SouldraCLWraith Light Cruiser
SouldraDDBanshee Destroyer
SouldraFFSpirit Frigate
SouldraFTWisp Torpedo Frigate
SouldraSRPoltergeist Survey Ship
SouldraTNApparition Tanker
SouldraDCDark Energy Cache
CarnivonYBSEarly Base Station
CarnivonYCAWolf Heavy Cruiser
CarnivonYCGSteppe-Coyote Early Light Commando Cruiser
CarnivonYCLCoyote Light Cruiser
CarnivonYCNPlains-Coyote Early Heel Nipper Light Cruiser
CarnivonYDBArctic-Fox Early Death Bolt Destroyer
CarnivonYDDFox Destroyer
CarnivonYDKEarly Space Dock
CarnivonYDNBear-Dog Dreadnought
CarnivonYFFFennec Frigate
CarnivonYSRMountain-Coyote Early Light Survey Cruiser
CarnivonYTGCohima-Coyote Early Tug
CarnivonWCAWolf Warp-Refitted Heavy Cruiser
CarnivonWCLWarp-Refitted Light Cruiser
CarnivonWDDWarp-Refitted Destroyer
CarnivonWDNBear-Dog Warp-Refitted Dreadnought
CarnivonWFFWarp-Refitted Frigate
WYNABXAdvanced Auxiliary Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
WYNACXAdvanced Auxiliary Cruiser (3rd Gen)
WYNAxBCAuxiliary Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
WYNAxBCSAuxiliary Battle Control Ship (3rd Gen)
WYNAxBSAuxiliary Battle Control Ship (3rd Gen)
WYNAxBVAuxiliary Battle Carrier (3rd Gen)
WYNAxCAuxiliary Cruiser (3rd Gen)
WYNAxCCAuxiliary Commando Cruiser (3rd Gen)
WYNAxCVAuxiliary Carrier (3rd Gen)
WYNAxCVALarge Auxiliary Carrier (3rd Gen)
WYNAxDNAuxiliary Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
WYNAxHMAuxiliary Heavy Mauler (3rd Gen)
WYNAxMSAuxiliary Minesweeper (3rd Gen)
WYNAxPFSSmall Auxiliary PF Tender (3rd Gen)
WYNAxSCSAuxiliary Space Control Ship (3rd Gen)
WYNBCHWyn Tigershark Heavy Battlecruiser (3rd Gen)
WYNCAHeavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
WYNCAXWyn Improved Heavy Cruiser (3rd Gen)
WYNCDDMako-C Commando Destroyer (3rd Gen)
WYNCFBlue Shark Fast Cruiser (3rd Gen)
WYNCFFBarracuda-C Commando Frigate (3rd Gen)
WYNCVLOrca-V Light Carrier (3rd Gen)
WYNCVSGreen Shark Strike Carrier (3rd Gen)
WYNCWOrca War Cruiser (3rd Gen)
WYNCWEOrca-E Escort War Cruiser (3rd Gen)
WYNCWFOrca-F Fast War Cruiser (3rd Gen)
WYNCWGOrca-C Commando Cruiser (3rd Gen)
WYNCWPXOrca-PX Advanced PF Tender (3rd Gen)
WYNCWXOrca-X Advanced War Cruiser (3rd Gen)
WYNDCSWyn Division Control Ship (3rd Gen)
WYNDDMako Destroyer (3rd Gen)
WYNDDGMako Drone Destroyer (3rd Gen)
WYNDDPMaco-P Light PF Tender (3rd Gen)
WYNDDXMako-X Improved Destroyer (3rd Gen)
WYNDEMako Escort Destroyer (3rd Gen)
WYNDNGrey Shark Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
WYNDNHSteel Shark Heavy Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
WYNDNLSilver Shark Light Dreadnought (3rd Gen)
WYNDWVMako-V Mobile Carrier (3rd Gen)
WYNFCRFast Carrier Resupply Frigate (3rd Gen)
WYNFFBarracuda Frigate (3rd Gen)
WYNFFEBarracuda-E Escort Frigate (3rd Gen)
WYNFFXBarracuda-X Advanced Frigate (3rd Gen)
WYNFPLPolice Cutter (Captured Federation Ship)
WYNFZXAdvanced Frigate (Captured Kzinti Ship)
WYNGDWBattle Destroyer (Captured Gorn Ship)
WYNGFFBacaruda Gunfighter Frigate (3rd Gen)
WYNG_FFPolice Frigate (Captured Gorn Ship)
WYNHCWOrca-H Heavy War Cruiser (3rd Gen)
WYNHDWThresher Heavy War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
WYNHDWXThresher-X Advanced Heavy War Destroyer (3rd Gen)
WYNHFFHunter Frigate (Captured Hydran Ship)
WYNIDXAdvanced Destroyer (Captured ISC Ship)
WYNKE4Frigate (Captured Klingon Penal Ship)
WYNKF4Early Frigate (Purchased Klingon Ship)
WYNKG2Patrol Gunboat (Captured Klingon Ship)
WYNLDDDestroyer (Captured Lyran Ship)
WYNLIBLiberator Heavy PF
WYNLIB-CLiberator Heavy Cargo PF
WYNLIB-FLiberator Heavy Fi-Con PF
WYNLIB-GLiberator Heavy Ground Assault PF
WYNLIB-LLiberator Heavy PF Leader
WYNLIB-MLiberator Heavy Mine Warfare PF
WYNLIB-SLiberator Heavy PF Scout
WYNLTTOrca Light Tactical Transport (3rd Gen)
WYNLYFEarly Frigate (Purchased Lyran Ship)
WYNNARNarwhal Mauler (3rd Gen)
WYNOBRBattle Raider (Purchased Orion Ship)
WYNOBXAdvanced Battle Raider (Purchased Orion Ship)
WYNOCRRaider Cruiser (Purchased Orion Ship)
WYNOCRXRaider Cruiser-X (Purchased Orion Ship)
WYNODRDouble Raider (Purchased Orion Ship)
WYNOFBFlagship Battlecruiser (Purchased Orion Ship)
WYNOFCFlagship Cruiser (Purchased Orion Ship)
WYNOLRLight Raider (Purchased Orion Ship)
WYNOLXAdvanced Light Raider (Purchased Orion Ship)
WYNPBBPocket Battleship (Captured Lyran Ship)
WYNPBCPocket Battlecruiser (Captured Lyran Ship)
WYNPBKPocket Battleship (Captured Klingon Ship)
WYNPBZPocket Battleship (Captured Kzinti Ship)
WYNPFFreedom Fighter PF
WYNPF-CFreedom Fighter Cargo PF
WYNPF-FFreedom Fighter Fi-Con PF
WYNPF-GFreedom Fighter Ground Assault PF
WYNPF-LFreedom Fighter PF Leader
WYNPF-MFreedom Fighter Mine Warfare PF
WYNPF-QFreedom Fighter Survey PF
WYNPF-RFreedom Fighter Recovery PF
WYNPF-SFreedom Fighter PF Scout
WYNPFTOrca-P PF Tender (3rd Gen)
WYNRFFSeahawk (Captured Romulan Ship)
WYNRFFSeahawk Frigate (Captured Romulan Ship)
WYNSCMako Scout (3rd Gen)
WYNSDDDestroyer (Purchased Seltorian Ship)
WYNSFFFrigate (Captured Seltorian Ship)
WYNSFFFrigate (Purchased Seltorian Ship)
WYNTDWDestroyer (Captured Tholian Ship)
WYNWBCConverted Andromedan Intruder
WYNWDDConverted Andromedan Mamba
WYNWJLLight Cruiser (Captured Jindarian Ship)
WYNWSCScrap Cruiser
WYNZDFDrone Frigate (Captured Kzinti Ship)
WYNZDWWar Destroyer (Captured Kzinti Ship)
WYNZFFFrigate (Captured Kzinti Ship)
WYNZYFEarly Frigate (Captured Kzinti Ship)
FraxACWStasis War Cruiser
FraxBCHHeavy Battlecruiser
FraxBCSBattle Control Ship
FraxBCVBattle Carrier
FraxCAHeavy Cruiser
FraxCCCommand Cruiser
FraxCCXAdvanced Command Cruiser
FraxCFFast Cruiser
FraxCVAHeavy Carrier
FraxCWWar Cruiser
FraxCWDDrone War Cruiser
FraxCWEEscort Cruiser (and CWA)
FraxCWGCommando War Cruiser
FraxCWLWar Cruiser Leader
FraxCWMWar Cruiser Minesweeper
FraxCWSWar Cruiser Scout
FraxCWUPatrol Carrier
FraxCWVWar Carrier
FraxDNHHeavy Dreadnought
FraxDNLLight Dreadnought
FraxDSXAdvanced Scout
FraxDWWar Destroyer
FraxDWDDrone War Destroyer
FraxDWEWar Destroyer Escort (and DWA)
FraxDWGCommando War Destroyer
FraxDWLWar Destroyer Leader
FraxDWMWar Destroyer Minesweeper
FraxDWSWar Destroyer Scout
FraxDWVWar Destroyer Carrier
FraxDWXAdvanced Destroyer
FraxFCRFast Carrier Resupply Ship
FraxFFDDrone Frigate
FraxFFEEscort Frigate (and FFA)
FraxFFLFrigate Leader
FraxLTTLight Tactical Transport
FraxMCWWar Cruiser Mauler
FraxMDWMissile Destroyer
FraxPFFast Patrol Ship
FraxPFCCargo PF
FraxPFDDrone PF
FraxPFFFi-Con PF
FraxPFGGround Assault PF
FraxPFLPF Leader
FraxPFMMine Warfare PF
FraxPFQSurvey PF
FraxPFRRecovery PF
FraxPFSPF Scout
FraxPFTPF Tender
FraxPOLPolice Corvette
FraxSCGSubmarine Missile Cruiser
FraxSCLLight Cruiser Sub
FraxSCSSpace Control Ship
FraxSCWWar Cruiser Sub
FraxSDDDestroyer Sub
FraxSFFFrigate Sub
FraxSRSurvey Cruiser
FraxSWXAdvanced War Cruiser Sub
UthikiDEFDefense Platform
UthikiCWWar Cruiser
UthikiDefSat-BPositron Lancet Defense Satellite
UthikiGHLUGround Based Heavy Laser
AlundaDVDevourer Destroyer
AlundaDVEDevourer Escort
AlundaHSHuntship Heavy Cruiser
AlundaHSCCommand Huntship
AlundaHSVHuntship Carrier
AlundaPRPursuer Dreadnought
AlundaSCSeeker Scout
AlundaTRTracker Frigate
AlundaWSWhip Cruiser
AlundaFGB-SSmall Fighter Ground Base
AlundaFGB-MMedium Fighter Ground Base
AlundaGPCPlanetary Control Ground Base
AlundaGRGuarder Small Base
ChlorophonCAChlorophon Heavy Cruiser
ChlorophonCASSpore Cruiser
ChlorophonDDChlorophon Destroyer
ChlorophonDDEDestroyer Escort
ChlorophonDNFirst Dreadnought
ChlorophonFFChlorophon Frigate
ChlorophonFFAChlorophon Assault Frigate
ChlorophonFSFStrike Frigate
ChlorophonHSCChlorophon Heavy Scout
ChlorophonRBResupply Base
DrexBDBattle Destroyer
DrexBFBattle Frigate
DrexBSBattle Scout
DrexBCPPhaser Battlecruiser
DrexHCHex Cruiser
DrexBCVBattle Carrier
DrexBEBattle Escort
DrexBFLBattle Frigate
DrexRBRepair Base
DrexSCSSpace Control Ship
DrexFGB-SSmall Fighter Ground Base
DrexFGB-MMedium Fighter Ground Base
DrexGPFSmall Ground PF Base
DrexGPCPlanetary Control Base
DrexPFLPF Leader
DrexPFFast Patrol Ship
DrexPFSScout PF
DrexPFCCargo PF
DrexPFFFi-Con PF
DrexPFMMine Warfare PF
DrexPFGGround Assault PF
DrexPFRRecovery PF
DrexPFQSurvey PF
HelgardianCAHelgardian CA
HelgardianCLHelgardian CL
HelgardianDDHelgardian DD
HelgardianDNHelgardian DN
HelgardianFFHelgardian FF
ProbrCAHeavy Cruiser
ProbrCAAAccentuation Cruiser
ProbrCMMedium Cruiser
ProbrCVEEscort Carrier
ProbrCVSStrike Carrier
ProbrDDEscort Destroyer
ProbrFFAAccentuation Frigate
ProbrFFEEscort Frigate
ProbrPFTPF Tender
ProbrSCSSpace Control Ship
ProbrPFFast Patrol Ship
ProbrPFPPhaser PF
ProbrPFLLeader PF
ProbrPFSScout PF
ProbrPFFFi-Con PF
ProbrPFCCargo PF
ProbrPFGGround Assault PF
ProbrPFMMine Warfare PF
ProbrPFRRecovery PF
ProbrPFQSurvey PF
ProbrGPFGround PF Base
ProbrGPCPlanetary Control Base
ProbrLBLogistics Base
JindarianBCHHeavy Battlecruiser
JindarianBCSBattle Control Ship
JindarianBCVHeavy Battle Carrier
JindarianBCXAdvanced Battlecruiser
JindarianCAHeavy Cruiser
JindarianCADHeavy Shipyard Cruiser
JindarianCAPHeavy PF Tender
JindarianCAXAdvanced Heavy Cruiser
JindarianCLLight Cruiser
JindarianCLCLight Commando Cruiser
JindarianCLDLight Shipyard Cruiser
JindarianCLPLight PF Tender
JindarianCLTLight Transport
JindarianCLXAdvanced Light Cruiser
JindarianCVAHeavy Carrier
JindarianCVDStrike Carrier
JindarianCVLLight Carrier
JindarianDDDestroyer (3rd Gen)
JindarianDDADestroyer Escort (3rd Gen)
JindarianDDCCommando Destroyer (3rd Gen)
JindarianDDEDestroyer Escort (3rd Gen)
JindarianDDPDestroyer Prospecting (3rd Gen)
JindarianDDSDestroyer Scout (3rd Gen)
JindarianDDTDestroyer Transport (3rd Gen)
JindarianDDVDestroyer Carrier
JindarianDDXAdvanced Destroyer (3rd Gen)
JindarianDMSDestroyer Minesweeper (3rd Gen)
JindarianDNXAdvanced Dreadnaught
JindarianDWWar Destroyer (3rd Gen)
JindarianFFFrigate (3rd Gen)
JindarianFFAEscort Frigate (3rd Gen)
JindarianFFCCommando Frigate (3rd Gen)
JindarianFFEEscort Frigate (3rd Gen)
JindarianFFPProspecting Frigate (3rd Gen)
JindarianFFSScout Frigate (3rd Gen)
JindarianFFTTransport Frigate (3rd Gen)
JindarianFFVFrigate Carrier (3rd Gen)
JindarianFFXAdvanced Frigate (3rd Gen)
JindarianGLGJindarian Light Rail Gun Ground base
JindarianGRGGround Warp Rail Gun
JindarianHACHeavy Avalanche Cruiser
JindarianHCXAdvanced Heavy Strike Cruiser
JindarianHCSHeavy Strike Cruiser
JindarianLCSJindarian Light Strike Cruiser
JindarianLCXAdvanced Light Strike Cruiser
JindarianMSCMedium Strike Cruiser
JindarianPFJindarian PF
JindarianPFFJindarian Ficon PF
JindarianPFGJindarian Ground Assault PF
JindarianPFLPF Leader
JindarianPFPJindarian Phaser PF
JindarianPFPLPhaser PF Leader
JindarianPFMJindarian Mine Warfare PF
JindarianPFQSurvey PF
JindarianPFRRecovery PF
JindarianPFSJindairn Scout PF
JindarianPPFJindairan Prospecting PF
JindarianPRFJindairan Prospecting Flagship (3rd Gen)
JindarianSCSSpace Control Ship
General(Omega)FLOmega Large Freighter
General(Omega)FSOmega Small Freighter
RYNDS(Y135).defRYN DS(Y135)
IridaniBGCBrigantine-C Space Control Ship
IridaniBQBBonnaventure Barque
IridaniCRBBonnaventure Caravel
IridaniFGB-SSmall Fighter Ground Base
IridaniFGB-MMedium Fighter Ground Base
IridaniGPCPlanetary Control Base
IridaniGPFSmall PF Ground Base
IridaniPFFast Patrol Ship (All Versions)
IridaniPFTPF Tender
IridaniYWBBonnaventure Yawl
IridaniYWEEscort Yawl
IridaniGLBBonnaventure Galleon
IridaniSDSupply Dock
IridaniASMAssembly Module
IridaniCCMCommand Module
IridaniCTMCommando/Troop Module
IridaniCVMCarrier Module
IridaniDFMDefense Module
IridaniHSMHospital Module
IridaniPFMPF Module
IridaniPWMPower Module
IridaniRPMRepair Module
IridaniSHMShield Module
IridaniSPMShipping Module
IridaniSRMSurvey Module
IridaniVPMVIP Module
IridaniWPMWeapons Module
JumokianCLJumokian CL
JumokianDDJumokian DD
JumokianFFJumokian FF
JumokianNDDJumokian NDD
LoriyillDDFlamer Destroyer
Old Galaxy PirateOGRRaider
Old Galaxy PirateOGDRaider Destroyer
FRASCSSpace Control Ship
FRACLLight Cruiser
FRACLAArmored Cruiser
FRACRRaider Cruiser
FRACVSStrike Carrier
FRADDEEscort Destroyer
FRADDLDestroyer Leader
FRAFFEEscort Frigate
FRAFFSScout Frigate
FRAGPCPlanetary Control Base
FRAGPC-FPlanetary Control Fighter Base
FRAGPFSmall Ground PF Base
FRAFGB-SSmall Fighter Ground Base
FRAFGB-MMedium Fighter Ground Base
FRAPFFast Patrol Ship
FRADPFDisruptor-Armed PF
FRAPFGGround Assault PF
FRAPFMMine Warfare PF
FRAPBTPocket Battlestation
SigvirionCIInvasion Cruiser
SigvirionFIInvasion Frigate
SigvirionCSInfestation Cruiser
TriaxianCAHeavy Cruiser
JuggernautDNMMissile Dreadnought
JuggernautCAHeavy Cruiser
JuggernautCLLight Cruiser
SharkhunterBCHHeavy Battlecruiser
SharkhunterCAHeavy Cruiser
SharkhunterCWWar Cruiser
SharkhunterCWEWar Cruiser Escort
SharkhunterCVSStrike Cruiser
SharkhunterCWSWar Cruiser Scout
SharkhunterDWWar Destroyer
SharkhunterDWEWar Destroyer Escort
FlivverCAHeavy Cruiser
FlivverCWWar Cruiser
FlivverDWWar Destroyer
FlivverDWGCommando War Destroyer
FlivverDWSWar Destroyer Scout
FlivverDWMWar Destroyer Minesweeper
FlivverDWTWar Destroyer Transport
PeladineBSBase Station
PeladineBBVBattleship Carrier
PeladineSDSStellar Domination Ship
PeladineBCSBattle Control Ship
PeladineBCVBattle Carrier
PeladineCCCommand Cruiser
PeladineCAHeavy Cruiser
PeladineCDDrone Cruiser
PeladineCFFast Cruiser
PeladineCLLight Cruiser
PeladineCCHHeavy Command Cruiser
PeladineCSVScout Carrier
PeladineCOMCommando Cruiser
PeladineECLEscort Cruiser (and ACL)
PeladineCVStrike Carrier
PeladineCVAHeavy Carrier
PeladineCVDInterdiction Carrier
PeladineCWAEscort War Cruiser
PeladineCWLWar Cruiser Leader
PeladineCWWar Cruiser
PeladineCVPPatrol Carrier
PeladineCXAdvanced Cruiser
PeladineDNLLight Dreadnought
PeladineDVLLight Dreadnought Carrier
PeladineDNHHeavy Dreadnought
PeladineDNEEarly Dreadnought
PeladineDDLDestroyer Leader
PeladineDDXAdvanced Destroyer
PeladineDWWar Destroyer
PeladineDWAWar Destroyer Escort
PeladineDWCCommand War Destroyer
PeladineDWDDrone War Destroyer
PeladineDWTTransport War Destroyer
PeladineDWSScout War Destroyer
PeladineDWHHeavy War Destroyer
PeladineDWMWar Minesweeper
PeladineFCRFast Carrier Resupply Ship
PeladineFFEEscort Frigate (and FFA)
PeladineFFXAdvanced Frigate
PeladineFFSScout Frigate
PeladineSKTSkate Interceptor
PeladineSKT-ESkate EW Interceptor
PeladineSKT-FSkate Fi-Con Interceptor
PeladineSTN-AStingray PF
PeladineSTN-CStingray Cargo PF
PeladineSTN-DStingray Drone PF
PeladineSTN-DLStingray Drone PF Leader
PeladineSTN-FStingray Fi-Con PF
PeladineSTN-GStingray Ground Assault PF
PeladineSTN-MStingray Mine Warfare PF
PeladineSTN-LStingray PF Leader
PeladineSTN-PStingray Phaser PF
PeladineSTN-SStingray Scout PF
PeladineNCANew Heavy Cruiser
PeladinePFTPF Tender
PeladinePLCCommand Corvette
PeladinePOLPolice Corvette
PeladineSCScout Cruiser
PeladineSCSSpace Control Ship
PeladineSRSurvey Cruiser
PeladineTCTournament Cruiser
PeladineTUGFleet Tug
PeladineSCXAdvanced Scout
PeladineYEXEarly Exploration Ship
PeladineP-BBattle Pod
PeladineP-CCargo Pod
PeladineP-CVCarrier Pod
PeladineP-DDrone Pod
PeladineP-PFPF Tender Pod
PeladineP-RRepair Pod
PeladineP-TTroop Transport Pod
SingerCAHeavy Cruiser
SingerCGGun Cruiser
SingerBCBattle Cruiser
SingerCLLight Cruiser
SingerDDSScout Destroyer
SingerFFEEscort Frigate
SingerFGB-MMedium Fighter Ground Base
SingerFGB-SSmall Fighter Ground Base
SingerGPC-FPlanetary Control Ground Base