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Tournaments - RA99Q4

Congratulations and a Rated Ace Card to Sir_Starfurry whose 14 turn victory in an ISC mirror match makes him the winner of the first ever SFBOL Single Elimination Rated Ace Tournament! Congratulations to Crusader who also gets a Rated Ace Card for placing second.

Victory at RA99Q4 by Sir_Starfurry.

All games in Round 3 and later progressed along the RA4Q1999 Final 16 Bracket (PDF).

Winners are shown in FUCHSIA and with an asterisk (*).


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
6.1 Crusader ISC Sir_Starfurry* ISC


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
5.1 Scruffybeard KLI Crusader* ISC
5.2 The_Rock KLI Sir_Starfurry* ISC


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
4.1 Spartan ISC Scruffybeard* KLI
4.2 Caroma AND Crusader* ISC
4.3 Moose ISC The_Rock* KLI
4.4 Vae_Victis RFH Sir_Starfurry* ISC


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
3.1 Spartan* ISC Monty HYD
3.2 Scruffybeard* KLI Tim_Sheehy RKR
3.3 Cadet_Stimpy GRN Caroma* AND
3.4 Crusader* ISC Shaithis WAX (HGDD)
3.5 Moose* ISC Apocalypse FED
3.6 Lesss GRN The_Rock* KLI
3.7 Vae_Victis* RFH Slugo WAX (ffBB)
3.8 Random HYD Sir_Starfurry* ISC


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
2.1 Spartan* ISC Eagle HYD
2.2 Cruiser ISC Cadet_Stimpy* GRN
2.3 Miss_Starfleet ZIN Random* HYD
2.4 Goofy WBS Monty* HYD
2.5 SpaceDragon ZIN Lesss* GRN
2.6 The_Rock* KLI Von_Nasty LYR
2.7 TheGoodDr KLI Crusader* ISC
2.8 BigLizard KLI Moose* ISC
2.9 Scruffybeard* KLI KentLogsdon ZIN
2.10 Vae_Victis* RFH KenBurnside THA
2.11 Whisper ZIN Sir_Starfurry* ISC
2.12 Tim_Sheehy* RKR Solar_Flare ORI
2.13 kiloton ISC Slugo* WAX (ffBB)
2.14 DarkVince LYR Apocalypse* FED
2.15 Fridenberg ISC Caroma* AND
2.16 Shaithis* WAX (HGDD) ChrisBlough RKR


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
1.1 Apocalypse FED Spartan* ISC
1.2 Caroma AND Cruiser* ISC
1.3 Cadet_Stimpy* GRN DarkVince LYR
1.4 Eagle* HYD Slugo WAX
1.5 Miss_Starfleet* ZIN DrDoom42 RFH
1.6 Talon HYD Vae_Victis* RFH
1.7 LiteBeth ISC Random* HYD
1.8 Goofy* WBS Cat-With-Sharp-Claws RKR
1.9 Monty* HYD Stuart LYR
1.10 ChrisBlough* RKR FredBud FED
1.11 SpaceDragon* ZIN Brezgonne THA
1.12 Andromedan AND The_Rock* KLI
1.13 TheGoodDr* KLI Solar_Flare ORI
1.14 BigLizard* KLI Shaithis WAX
1.15 Crusader* ISC Lavos ZIN
1.16 Tyranassam FED Scruffybeard* KLI
1.17 kiloton* ISC Nemesis ORI
1.18 Hoss KLI KenBurnside* THA
1.19 Ramagar THA KentLogsdon* ZIN
1.20 Lessss* GRN Justin_Pettway LYR
1.21 Zig KLI Whisper* ZIN
1.22 Hydrax HYD Von_Nasty* LYR
1.23 Moose* ISC Direwolf RKR
1.24 Sir_Starfurry* ISC Jaelum RKE
1.25 Tim_Sheehy* RKR Captain_KTC LDR
1.26 DarkVince* LYR Cat-With-Sharp-Claws RKR
1.27 Hoss KLI Shaithis* WAX (HHDD)
1.28 Solar_Flare* ORI Blackjack ZIN
1.29 Stuart LYR Caroma* AND
1.30 Fridenberg* ISC Lavos ZIN
1.31 Captain_KTC LDR Slugo* WAX (ffBB)
1.32 Jaelum RKE Apocalypse* FED

B = Drone-B
D = Disruptor
F = Fusion
G = Phaser-G
H = Hellbore
P = Photon
1 = Phaser-1
d = Plasma-D
f = Plasma-F
gg = Plasma-G
ss = Plasma-S