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Referral Program for Star Fleet Battles Online

Franz Games is proud to announce the formal referral program for SFB Online. While there has always been an informal referral program for SFBOL the details were not clear.

  1. Tell your friends about Star Fleet Battles Online and give them your Callsign.
  2. Subscribers are encouraged to take care not to advertise SFB Online in any manner that could be construed as SPAM.
  3. Your friends sign up for Star Fleet Battles Online.
  4. When your friends put your Callsign in the Referrer Callsign field you receive credit for the referrals.
  5. The new subscribers must pay for a one year subscription.
  6. You receive ONE FREE MONTH per new subscriber you refer to Star Fleet Battles Online.
  7. The new subscribers that pay for a 3 month subscription.
  8. You receive ONE FREE WEEK per new subscriber you refer to Star Fleet Battles Online.
  9. Referral credits will be reversed if the new subscriber does not remit payment in a timely manner.

Franzc Games reserves the right to change the details of this program without notice.