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Tournaments - RA00Q4 Rules and Player List

Amarillo Design Bureau suspended the Andromedan Tournament Krait from Rated Ace play so it is not available.

RA00Q4 is a patrol tourney. The rules for the tourney follow:
  1. Patrol period runs for approx. 60 days from today (December 10, 2000), and will close on 10 February, 2001.
  2. Registration will close on 10 January, 2001.
  3. All results received after the close of Patrol will be ignored.
  4. No player may play any other opponent more than once.
  5. Re-entry in a different ship is allowed, but will void any previous record.
  6. Confirmation of game start is required from BOTH participants.
  7. Game results must be reported by the loser by using the Report Parol Loss form.
  8. There will be a three (3) game minimum to qualify for the finals. This should be easily achievable within 60 days. It is expected that 3-0 WILL NOT GUARANTEE entry into the finals based upon the expected records.
  9. Once started, games must be completed within two (2) weeks.
  10. In case of slacking, alternate matchups will be made after verification of said slack by the opponent.
  11. Finals tree will be 16 players in a single-elimination format. 8 by record, 8 by net-kills. (Subject to reduction to 8 players if needed)
  12. After the initial pairings by the Tournament Desk players will be expected to pair themselves against other players. A special topic will be added to the ADB BBS for this purpose, but opponents can be found in the Bullpen as desired.

Players and Ships

Please note: In order to ensure a completely fair tourney, the records may or may not be updated frequently. The tourney judge will decide when to update this page.

Player Ship
Apocalypse ISC
Bedouin WBS - BB
beesonmonster RKR
Big_Noodle KLI
Bonehead WBS - 1a
Captain_KTC THA
caychris LYR
Colin ISC
Drago ISC
Foxbat THA
fred_best FED
FredBud WBS - BB
Fridenberg Fed
Galen KLI
Goofy WBS - BB
Griffon FED
insomniac RFH
James_A_Beggs GRN
jonbig RFH
Kraig RKR
kspencer GRN
Lessss GRN
Manatee KLI
Maxspeed GRN
MetalDog ZIN
Moose ZIN
Nemesis ORI - G1111 or GFFff
Old_School LDR
Paladin HYD
Pauls FED
RacerX ISC
Randy FED
Sandman LDR
Scruffybeard LDR
Sir_Cruiser ISC
Sir_Starfurry LYR
Solar_Flare ZIN
Sparks RKR
Spartan KLI
SteveT THA
Talon HYD
Tesuji FED
The_Rock ISC
trex ZIN
Tyranassam FED
Von_Nasty LYR
Warlock WBS - 1B

B = Drone-B
D = Disruptor
F = Fusion
G = Phaser-G
H = Hellbore
P = Photon
1 = Phaser-1
d = Plasma-D
f = Plasma-F
gg = Plasma-G
ss = Plasma-S