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Tournaments - RA00Q3

Congratulations to Sir_Cruiser. Winner of RA00Q3!
Additional congratulations to Vae_Victis. RA00Q3 runner-up!
Thanks to everyone for playing. We hope you had a great time!

Amarillo Design Bureau suspended the Andromedan Tournament Krait from Rated Ace play so it was not available.

Winners are shown in FUCHSIA and with an asterisk (*).


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
6.1 Sir_Cruiser* ZIN Vae_Victis RFH

ROUND 5 - Semifinals

Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
5.1 Talon RFH Sir_Cruiser* ZIN
5.2 Cadet_Stimpy GRN Vae_Victis* RFH


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
4.1 Tesuji HYD Sir_Cruiser* ZIN
4.2 CyberMerlin GRN Talon* RFH
4.3 Tim_Sheehy TKR Cadet_Stimpy* GRN
4.4 Scruffybeard THA Vae_Victis* RFH


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
3.1 Tesuji* HYD Rslayer ZIN
3.2 Old_School RFH Sir_Cruiser* ZIN
3.3 CyberMerlin* GRN DarkVince LDR
3.4 SteveT HYD Talon* RFH
3.5 Tim_Sheehy* RKR Nightshade KLI
3.6 Goofy HYD Cadet_Stimpy* GRN
3.7 Tugger ORI (11G11, ffGFF) Scruffybeard* THA
3.8 MetalDog FED Vae_Victis* RFH


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
2.1 Tyranassam FED DocPundy WAX (HDBG)
2.2 MetalDog* FED DrDoom42 RFH
2.3 Talon* RFH LadyHawke ZIN
2.4 BigLizard FED Tim_Sheehy RKR
2.5 Cadet_Stimpy* GRN nomad KLI
2.6 The_Rock RFH Scruffybeard* THA
2.7 Lessss[R] GRN SteveT* HYD
2.8 CyberMerlin* GRN Cheshire ZIN
2.9 MaxSpeed GRN Rslayer* ZIN
2.10 Colin ISC Sir_Cruiser* ZIN
2.11 Spartan ISC Tugger* ORI (11G11, ffGFF)
2.12 Sandman LYR Vae_Victis* RFH
2.13 Goofy HYD Old_School RFH
2.14 Tesuji* HYD Foxbat RKE
2.15 Apocalypse KLI DarkVince* LDR
2.16 Paladin[R] HYD Nightshade* KLI


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
1.1 RacerX HYD Talon* RFH
1.2 Fester ZIN SteveT* HYD
1.3 Captain_KTC RFH Colin* ISC
1.4 TEJ ORI (PPG1F, HH11B) Tim_Sheehy* RKR
1.5 Apocalypse* KLI Andromedan[R] SEL
1.6 Sandman* LYR Solar_Flare RFH
1.7 Gregg RFH Tugger* ORI (11G11, ffGFF)
1.8 Nightshade* KLI Sparks GRN
1.9 DocPundy* WAX (HDBG) Lessss GRN
1.10 Catman WAX (HBDf) DrDoom42* RFH
1.11 jonbig RFH Scruffybeard* THA
1.12 Sir_Starfurry THA Spartan* ISC
1.13 Cookie_Monster ORI (HHGBB, HGBBB) The_Rock* RFH
1.14 LadyHawke* ZIN TheGoodDr RKR
1.15 Eagle RFH nomad* KLI
1.16 kiloton RFH Tyranassam* FED
1.17 Cadet_Stimpy* GRN Caroma THA
1.18 Gregg[R] RFH Tesuji* HYD
1.19 Goofy* HYD Kemaris RFH
1.20 Fridenberg ZIN CyberMerlin* GRN
1.21 Moose THA Vae_Victis* RFH
1.22 Nemesis ORI (G1111, GffFF) Old_School* RFH
1.23 fred_best ISC Sir_Cruiser* ZIN
1.24 KenBurnside KLI Lessss[R]* GRN
1.25 DarkVince* LDR Nighthawk RKR
1.26 Hacksaaw THN Rslayer* ZIN
1.27 Bedouin KLI Paladin[R]* HYD
1.28 Andromedan SEL MetalDog* FED
1.29 BigLizard* FED Paladin HYD
1.30 kspencer FED MaxSpeed* GRN
1.31 Foxbat* RKE Reddog KLI
1.32 Cheshire* ZIN FredBud FED

[R] = Re-entrant

B = Drone-B
D = Disruptor
F = Fusion
G = Phaser-G
H = Hellbore
P = Photon
1 = Phaser-1
d = Plasma-D
f = Plasma-F
gg = Plasma-G
ss = Plasma-S