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Tournaments - RA00Q1

Due to recent changes to the Tournament Cruisers all participants of RA00Q1 must use version 2.0.10 or later.

Congratulations and a Rated Ace Card to The_Rock for winning the second SFBOL Single Elimination Rated Ace Tournament! Congratulations to LeeLarson who also gets a Rated Ace Card for placing second.

All games in Round 3 and later progressed along the RA00Q1 Final 16 Bracket (PDF) (updates for which might lag behind updates to the results shown below).

Winners will be shown in FUCHSIA and with an asterisk (*).


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
6.1 LeeLarsen ORI (HGHBB, HGBBB) The_Rock* AND


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
5.1 Cruiser RFH LeeLarsen* ORI (HGHBB, HGBBB)
5.2 Von_Nasty LYR The_Rock* AND


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
4.1 Cruiser* RFH KenBurnside AND
4.2 Slugo FED LeeLarsen* ORI (HGHBB, HGBBB)
4.3 Von_Nasty* LYR Solar_Flare ZIN
4.4 Goofy KLI The_Rock* AND


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
3.1 Cruiser* RFH Talon HYD
3.2 KenBurnside* AND SpaceDragon ZIN
3.3 BigLizard KLI Slugo* FED
3.4 LeeLarsen* ORI (HGHBB, HGBBB) Cadet_Stimpy GRN
3.5 Lessss GRN Von_Nasty* LYR
3.6 Eagle RKE Solar_Flare* ZIN
3.7 Goofy* KLI SteveT HYD
3.8 The_Rock* AND Vae_Victis RFH


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
2.1 BigLizard* KLI Tim_Sheehy RKR
2.2 Cadet_Stimpy* GRN Sandman SEL
2.3 Nomad THN Talon* HYD
2.4 Cheshire ZIN The_Rock* AND
2.5 DarkVince SEL SteveT* HYD
2.6 Cruiser* RFH Moose WAX (HHDB)
2.7 kspencer ORI (1G111, fGfFF) KenBurnside* AND
2.8 Fridenberg RKE Goofy* KLI
2.9 kiloton AND Eagle* RKE
2.10 LeeLarsen* ORI (HGHBB, HGBBB) Scruffybeard LYR
2.11 Lessss* GRN FredBud FED
2.12 MaxSpeed GRN Vae_Victis* RFH
2.13 Phoenix KLI SpaceDragon* ZIN
2.14 Von_Nasty* LYR Andromedan AND
2.15 Captain_KTC ORI (G1111, BBBBB) Slugo* FED
2.16 Kemaris HYD Solar_Flare* ZIN


Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
1.1 BigLizard* KLI Brezgonne THN
1.2 bs HYD Cadet_Stimpy* GRN
1.3 Capt. Fast FED Nomad* THN
1.4 Cheshire* ZIN Cobra ORI (PPPBB, FGFBB)
1.5 Colin WBS (BB) DarkVince* SEL
1.6 Cruiser* RFH Dire Wolf SEL
1.7 DrDoom42 RFH kspencer* ORI (1G111, fGfFF)
1.8 Fridenberg* RKE Nemesis ORI (GHHB1, G1111)
1.9 howard LYR kiloton* AND
1.10 Kraig GRN LeeLarsen* ORI (HGHBB, HGBBB)
1.11 Lessss* GRN PaulSPundy KLI
1.12 MaxSpeed* GRN Monty HYD
1.13 Nightshade GRN Phoenix* KLI
1.14 Random WAX (dd11) SpaceDragon* ZIN
1.15 Scruffybeard* LYR Shaithis HYD
1.16 Stuart ZIN SteveT* HYD
1.17 Sylevus GRN Talon* HYD
1.18 TheGoodDr THA Tim_Sheehy* RKR
1.19 Tyranassam WBS (11) Vae_Victis* RFH
1.20 Von_Nasty* LYR Whitefang ORI (ssHFB, 11111)
1.21 Zig KLI Eagle* RKE
1.22 Andromedan* AND Apocalypse FED
1.23 Captain_KTC* ORI (G1111, BBBBB) Caroma AND
1.24 FredBud* FED Coyote RKR
1.25 Goofy* KLI Hydrax HYD
1.26 kafka ORI (HHGBB, G1111) Kemaris* HYD
1.27 KenBurnside* AND Miss_Starfleet ZIN
1.28 Moose* WAX (HHDB) Paladin HYD
1.29 Sandman* SEL Hacksaaw THN
1.30 Sir_Starfurry LYR Slugo* FED
1.31 Solar_Flare* ZIN Spartan KLI
1.32 TEJ GRN The_Rock* AND

B = Drone-B
D = Disruptor
F = Fusion
G = Phaser-G
H = Hellbore
P = Photon
1 = Phaser-1
d = Plasma-D
f = Plasma-F
gg = Plasma-G
ss = Plasma-S