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Tournaments - Masters 2000

Tournament Rules:

  1. It will be a 32 (or 64 if possible) player single elimination tournament.
  2. You will be randomly assigned a slot on the tree.
  3. You will be randomly assigned a ship in the first round.
  4. If you advance, you will next play the ship you just defeated.
  5. You will be expected to play one game every two weeks. If all games complete before that a new 2 week period right away.
  6. Sam Clark will be the coordinator for this tournament. You are encouraged to resolve rules disputes between yourselves, but if you cannot then stop the game. If the coordinator is not online then save the game and send him an e-mail. You should receive an answer within a day.
  7. If you start a game and cannot complete it within two weeks then it will be adjudicated.
  8. When a game is completed both players should e-mail the coordinator the EAFs. The loser should indicate whether (s)he wants the opponents EAF checked. Feel free to e-mail a game log in that case as well. (optional: EAFs are not needed unless players want them confirmed-Sam)
  9. This is NOT a rated-Ace event, it is just for fun.
  10. The following ships have the following option mounts:
    • ORI - HHGB1, 11G11
    • Wyn Aux - HHDB
    • Wyn GBS - 1B
  11. Judges: Sam Clark and Joe Butler.

Finals: Congratulations to The_Rock, Masters 2000 Champion!

Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
FINALS Sir_Starfurry KLI TheRock* GRN

ROUND 5: Scheduled to end 31 October, 2000

This round should be able to be played quicker than that.

Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
5.1 Sir_Starfurry* FED DarkVince KLI
5.2 TheRock* HYD RacerX GRN

ROUND 4: Scheduled to end 30 September, 2000

Looks like there should be some very good matches this round!

Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
4.1 TheGoodDr GRN Gatman/Racer X* FED
4.2 Old_School KLI DarkVince* LYR
4.3 SolarFlare HYD The_Rock* RFH
4.4 BS FED Sir_Starfurry* KLI

ROUND 3: Scheduled to end 31 August, 2000

Good Luck!

Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
3.1 Cat_With_Sharp_Claws GRN TheGoodDr LDR
3.2 Gatman/RacerX* ZIN DocPundy FED
3.3 Old_School* WBS MetalDog KLI
3.4 DarkVince* SEL PaulSPundy LYR
3.5 Al_Bundy HYD Solar_Flare THA
3.6 The_Rock* SEL SteveT RFH
3.7 BS* SEL Captain_KTC FED
3.8 Tesuji KLI Sir_Starfurry* LYR

ROUND 2: Scheduled to end 7/31/00

Some games were called due to a lack of response from one of the players. One alternatate was re-entered to replace a game where both players failed to respond to reminders to complete their games before the deadlines and I let the winner of a late round 1 game move into round 2. DocPundy is my next alternate player. I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
2.1 Apocalypse RFH SteveT * THA
2.2 PaulSPundy * WBS Caroma LYR
2.3 James_A_Beggs WBS Old_School * ISC
2.4 Catman THA Solar_Flare * TKR
2.5 TheGoodDr * FED Paladin (alternate) LDR
2.6 Cat-With-Sharp-Claws THN Tim_Sheehy/Blackeye GRN
2.7 Spartan ZIN Gatman/Racer X * ORI
2.8 SpaceDragon LYR Sir_Starfurry * THN
2.9 DarkVince KLI Vae_Victis SEL
2.10 Larac KLI Tesuji* RKE
2.11 MetalDog* LDR Colin KLI
2.12 Nightshade HYD Al_Bundy FED
2.13 Captain_KTC * LDR Gregg FED
2.14 jonbig FED Hydrax or DocPundy *** ISC
2.15 BS * GRN Von_Nasty SEL
2.16 The_Rock * RFH Kemaris SEL

*** Special "Moderator Mix-up" battle to determine who will continue (Won by DocPundy)

ROUND 1 - ENDED JULY 09, 2000

Game Player #1 Ship Player #2 Ship
1.1 Stardanno ISC Old_School* AND
1.2 MetalDog* ZIN Andromedan LDR
1.3 Vae_Victis* ORI LeeLarsen SEL
1.4 Talon THA SteveT* AND
1.5 Kraig KLI Larac* ISC
1.6 Tugger KLI DarkVince* THA
1.7 Apocalypse* GRN Paladin RFH
1.8 KenBurnside THA Catman* GRN
1.9 Miss_Starfleet FED Al_Bundy* WAX
1.10 (removed: non-reporting) LDR (removed: non-reporting) THN
1.11 Nightshade* RKE Jeff_McK HYD
1.12 one1world ZIN Spartan* KLI
1.13 Slugo FED Gregg* LYR
1.14 Goofy GRN BS* HYD
1.15 Moose ORI Gatman* HYD
1.16 Eagle LYR SpaceDragon* ZIN
1.17 PaulSPundy* LDR kspencer WBS
1.18 (removed: non-reporting) ISC (removed: non-reporting) TKR
1.19 Colin* KLI BYE N/A
1.20 jonbig* FED BYE N/A
1.21 Tim_Sheehy* GRN BYE N/A
1.22 Tesuji* RFH Hilton RKE
1.23 Scruffybeard FED TheGoodDr* WBS
1.24 Solar_Flare* RKE MaxSpeed TKR
1.25 Captain_KTC* THA nomad LDR
1.26 Kemaris* LYR Jaeger SEL
1.27 Caroma* LYR BYE N/A
1.28 The_Rock* RFH BYE N/A
1.29 DrDoom42 WBS James_A_Beggs* ISC
1.30 Von_Nasty* WAX Chesire SEL
1.31 Sir_Starfurry* THN DocPundy THN
1.32 Cat-With-Sharp-Claws* THN BYE N/A

B = Drone-B
D = Disruptor
F = Fusion
G = Phaser-G
H = Hellbore
P = Photon
1 = Phaser-1
d = Plasma-D
f = Plasma-F
gg = Plasma-G
ss = Plasma-S