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Tournaments - Halloween Havoc 2000 (and The Last)

First Place Prize: 1 month SFBOL subscription extension (must have a minimum of 5 netkills)

The NK00Q4 NETKill tournament will be suspended from Sunday, October 29th through Saturday, November 4th. During this interregnum we will be running the second annual Halloween Havoc event. Games played in the Halloween Havoc 2000 Event will run under the special following rules:

  • Phasers will always hit for maximum damage.
  • Tractor Repulsor and Fusion Beams will have 2 subtracted from the die roll.
  • Other direct fire heavy weapons will have 1 subtracted from each die roll:
    (e.g. a Photon which would normally hit on a 1-4 will hit on a 1-5, a PPD which would normally hit on a 9 will hit on a 7)
  • Seeking weapons will move at twice their normal speed. Remember Plasma Torpedoes degrade over distance so a plasma F that moved 12 hexes does 10 points of damage.
  • Effective range for use of Labs is doubled
  • Maximum speed for shuttles and fighters is doubled.
  • Displacement Device and High Energy Turn rolls will have 1 subtracted from the die roll. (i.e., Displacement Device attempts are always successful)
  • Die rolls of less than 1 are treated as 1.
  • Warp movement cost is half normal cost (impulse doesn't change)
  • Shield boxes take 2 damage to destroy
  • Andromedans can dissipate and transfer to batteries at twice standard rate (2/panel and 20%)

Report Halloween Havoc games as you would a NETKill game.  Note that there are some additional rules for Halloween Havoc 2000 compared to last year.  Also note that the Andromedan is allowed.

From the pen of Sam "Tyranassam" Clark - SFBOL Activities Director:

Based on the extremely light turnout for this year's Halloween Havoc tournament, no prize will be awarded.  Only 1 game was posted to the NetKill board during the HH2K tournament time and the prize required the winner play at least 5 games.  At this point, we will bury the tournament with a wooden stake through its heart.  Pull it out at your own peril.