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Tournaments - Halloween Havoc 1999

The NK99Q4 NETKill tournament will be suspended from October 29th through October 31st. During this interrugnum we will be running a special Halloween Havoc event. Games played in the Halloween Havoc Event will run under the special following rules:

  • Phasers will always hit for maximum damage.
  • Tractor-Repulsors and Fusion Beams will have 2 subtracted from the die roll.
  • Other direct fire heavy weapons will have 1 subtracted from each die roll:
    (e.g. a Photon which would normally hit on a 1-4 will hit on a 1-5, a PPD which would normally hit on a 9 will hit on a 7)
  • Seeking weapons will move at twice their normal speed. Remember Plasma Torpedoes degrade over distance so a plasma F that moved 12 hexes does 10 points of damage.
  • Effective range for use of Labs is doubled
  • Maximum speed for shuttles and fighters is doubled.
  • Displacement Device, and High Eenergy Turn rolls will have 1 subtracted from the die roll. (e.g. the Displacement Device is automatic)
  • Die rolls of less than 1 are treated as 1.

Report Halloween Havoc games as you would a NETKill game, but put "HH TOURNAMENT RESULT" in the subject line.